Sunday, October 17, 2010

Family Fun

Rice with buttered prawn

Nasi Ayam Percik

Nasi Goreng Ayam

Hungry? Good..! That's the idea. Presenting you with these yummy pics and you should be on your way to Atok Kopitiam in 10 minutes! ^^^finish reading blog first ya?^^^

~for more info on the operating hours, 
send a message to Atok Kopitiam's fb~

We went to have our lunch at Atok Kopitiam today, and also last Saturday and I think the week before that too. No events this weekend so it's Family Time. I love my free weekends, there is nothing more exciting and fun than going out with the kids to eat or window shopping at the shopping mall. 

I went to the gynecologist earlier today... It's been bothering me and have been delaying it (year after year). So I made a point that it has to be today. Done. So glad I got it done and over with. Now I can enjoy the rest of the weekend :)

Eldest daughter Ayu is spending the night at home this weekend and she's been at campus ever since after Raya... Missed her so much. She's been swamped with assignments & uni activities that it was just impossible to be home during weekends the last few weeks. So happy we have her with us for the weekend and like me, she too loves Atok Kopitiam's nasi ayam percik.

After we're done with our food, I felt it was so comfortable sitting at the Atok Kopitiam. I wanted to lepak longer... The shop is located at a corner shop house and with its open concept, soft breeze was making me sleepy and dreamy. Not to mention the cool ambiance and clean comfortable seatings. I told sayang I didn't want to leave... but we had to. Ayu needs a haircut and Seri needs to go to a bookstore. Since I don't see my darling daughter Ayu together with her other siblings that often these days, I decided to go on a photo snapping frenzy :D

an old record player, very nostalgic! 
*placed at one corner as deco at Atok Kopitiam*

>the label says 'important'<

cam crazy

Borneo Love

son Arman, 6

daughter Hani, 12 (in my shades)

daughter Seri, 16

daughter Ayu, 18

my 3 anak dara :)

after food


This is fun.. my girls do this all the time. 
I'm starting to get the hang of it too

It's another full day tomorrow. My mom in law is having a 'makan hol' for my husband's late grandfather at lunch time. Ayu needs to get back to campus before 9am. Mom needs us to go with her somewhere in the evening.. Hmmm.. how I wish we only work 4 days in a week and 3 rest days. Perhaps I should propose and submit for next year's budget :p

Oh well.. This is good enough. My previous job I only had one off day in a week, that's certainly isn't enough for any working mom. Me time..? In your dream....! The once in a week off day was mostly dedicated to my laundry, cleaning & clearing. Nevertheless, I was utterly grateful for the only-one-off-day-in-a-week job. It taught me a lot and without it, I wouldn't be where I am today.


f.i.e.z.a said...

i wonder when will i be a mum.takut na anak first masok U,kmk dah babo.hahaa oh mintak jaoh.


AmirFX said...

Ayam percik ya nang menggoda lah... Atok Kopitiam? Kat cney ya kak?

Anonymous said...

I know Atok Kopitiam, rah belakang HSBC jalan padungan ya. Eh eh, boleh lah coba tok.

Ida Athanazir said...

Fieza, lawak ktk tok. Apa di takut?
Im sure you'll be a great mom and they actually keep you young and sik akan jadi babo :)

Amir, aih?! Sik tauk rah siney.
Mun ktk pegi Padungan, nya dekat Pavilion and Prudential building. Right behind HSBC bank jln padungan.

Big Momma said...

boleh cuba tok.... tapi just jarang pergi area ya....

DrSam said...

it is good to see the whole family get together again (everybody is occupied with schdules and works) and everybody seems to enjoy it. Have a great weekend.

cyrildason said...

The ayam percik looks like ayam penyet.. but well, I went to this cafe once. ordered nasi lemak, and found a worm. They just agreed to change the menu for me, and i still had to pay.. never went back again after that.

Ida Athanazir said...

big momma.. you should try. Kmk if buntu buntu, sure that's the place to eat :)

doc.. tq. I really love it when my kids are together. They joke,laugh hysterically in the car and that make me smile sitting at the front seat

cyrildason.. worm?? even if they change the plate, would i have the appetite to eat? I guess i will eat just to be polite :/

Coffee Girl said...

Yeay! a new place to check out! thanks Ida, kelak mek pegi. the nasi ayam percik looks really yummy, hope it tastes even better than it looks.

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