Saturday, October 30, 2010

Emcee Me

oh lah buaya penunggu..... apakah ramalan cuaca hari ini??

hmm... no reply. Miss call kah? Or.. habis credit? ;)

Tony & Kak Tipah

Met with Tony of Nestle and my colleague Kak Tipah at the Kuching Waterfront couple of days ago to discuss on the layout for the World Walking Day with Nestle this coming 21st November 2010. I wouldn't have to sweat too much on this event, my part is just to make sure venue is A okay. And to assist Tony with some activities other than the walk along our Kuching Waterfront. 

I am now excited and slightly anxious for my Kids Halloween Costume Contest tomorrow that will be held at the Kuching Riverside Shopping Complex. Everything is ready... When we arrive at the venue Sunday morning, I'll just have to get my fellow colleagues to help with some decorations for the stage. Judges, registration/judging sheets, prizes, PA System, table & chairs, sponsors, participants... *Thumbs Up!* 

It's just me.. Me. *I need help* Every time, I will get nervous every time. Never in my wildest dream I thought I would have to be an emcee for my events. And I never planned to be an event coordinator/organizer, it just happened. Few minutes before going on stage to grab the mic, I will spare few minutes for myself to take deep breaths. It is very nerve-wrecking, and after awhile, it's okay. But sometimes, halfway... and I am already all warmed up, I'd be lost for words. Do Not Know Why and How That Happens. Lidah suddenly kelu lorrr... 

But the trick is to enjoy and have fun doing it. Take deep deep breaths and smile. Big Smile! Don't think too much and go with the flow and the most important thing is to Think Before I Say Anything. Don't want to sound stupid, now do we?? A-a.. no no. You kidding ME??! Everyone's listening and my reputation is at stack! *ngeh! ngeh!* Urrmmm... I am not that big lah... :D

'hey you there..!! Yes you!...'

'I'm the one with the mic.. you better listen ahh??! You see this pen stuck in my shirt? I will poke your eyes out.. Now, give me a TEN!' ;p

why I gave that face?? Cameras clicked here and there and I gave that face... *ngok*

this one was at the Waterfront and it was so SO hot, but maintain & must stay cool 
*lots of pretending when emceeing, pretend not to be nervous, 
pretend I-Cool, pretend no-sweat*
I sweat nervousness everywhere! specially the ketiak! LOL

nervous big time.. because that time my ex big boss Puan Dayang 
was listening and watching

I was one of the few people who coordinated games for fellow colleagues, the restaurant managers
---no mic, 'hela' will do--- Lundu

omg! my hair.. as usual, was a mess

this is the first time ever I got paid for being an emcee, MSAM 2010

felt like a celebrity.. hee heeee..

I would sometimes get more excited than the crowd

I'll have to stop here now. Household chores is calling me. And Arman has a speech to memorize... a knot in my stomach each time I think about that. InsyaAllah, he'll do well. *crossing fingers*

---i need to go to town, Mem... oppsss, Kak T ordered a cheesecake. 
will be baking soon---


Globalized Dayung said...

Wah bakat mak tumpah ke anak....bagus!!! Seronok jua jadi MC...ku pun nervous juak time molah presentation dah gi depan om puteh....berpeluh eh wlpn ari sejuk


best! best! suka mek..neves?

AinnalinaRamdzan said...

Walaupun sik penah face to face ngan ktk, seems that I can hear ur voice here, in ur blog. Rs cam blh imagine jak sora ktk. Hehe.Ktk keja kat waterfront Kuching ka?

Ida Athanazir said...

G Dayung.. bakat? sik ada bakat, just 'ter' ada lah.. Seronok memang seronok, tapi yg takutnya you dont have space for errors :O


Ainna.. i organize events for Swk plaza, riverside, waterfront & the new kubah ria. Sora kmk mcm katak! hahahaa

you all come lah esok to Riverside Shopping Complex at noon :) GB, maok terbang all the way dari sana :D

Ida Athanazir said...

visit this page to view fotos of our past events :)

[z@ck] said...

wah..hebat ni..once a MC always a MC =)

Coffee Girl said...

Dont worry about your hair girl, u still look ayu. :-) boleh jadi Mc kat wedding jugak ya.

Ida Athanazir said...

Zack.. kalo boleh nak cari org lain jadi mc. I just like to be blakang tabir. Penat tao :/

Coffee Girl.. tq lah dear.
wedding??! no thanx. Kat wedding i just want to eat nasi minyak!! :))

RaMa-RaMa Fareeza said...

mek asa kitk patut write an entry how you cope and overcome da "stage fright"..OMG i m that kind of species...hahah

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