Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Classic Kurungs

I'm wearing my late Nek Jijah's kurung (mine now)

Something that I really like to share. Now, let's go back to this post. Looking at the photos of my then little kids, 
is making me all emotional :/

We didn't have much then, the younger ones would wear hands-me-downs. But they look so happy :')

Yes.. we're still on the subject of Baju... Baju! Baju! Baju! When is Borneo Love gonna be done with baju? Well, I'm done when I'm done, capish??!

But these are not just any random baju (shirt/top). These kurungs that are in my possession (am so glad) belonged to my late grandmother (Nek Ham) & grandmother-in-law (Nek Jijah). I don't wear much kebaya because I experience that most of the kebayas that I own, I can't wear anymore. Some are too tight at the top and few has smaller waistline, they sit quietly now in my closet. Waiting to rot :( What a waste. My girls don't really like kebayas either, I guess they take after me.

Wearing hugging kurungs is not me at all, be it kurung moden or kebaya. That is why I have always prefer the old fashioned kurungs. They're airy, sweet and evergreen. When I was handed these classic pieces, I was first very fascinated by the qualities of the material & printing. Most of them don't wrinkle easily (fits perfectly into my busy schedule) and so low maintenance. Good for I'm-in-a-hurry-and-no-time-to-iron mode. 

..my late Nek Ham's

..Nek Ham's

..Nek Ham's

wearing my 19 year old gray/silver tudong (given to me by my mother-in-law in 1991) 
and my late Nek Jijah's kurung

My daughters wear them too, sometimes. These kurungs are literally One Size Fits All and when I was pregnant, they are the best and most comfortable to wear. Somehow kurungs don't make you look fat. I mean pregnant... well, actually, they don't really make you look slimmer but they definitely don't make you look fat at all. Ever since I started doing the event thing, I seldom wear kurungs to work. But when I do, colleagues never fail to praise how manis (sweet) I look. Aha ya..! I agree that this simple national costume if worn simply can make the person look very pretty and attractive. 

Hmmm.. maybe my kids will keep these kurungs, or any of my kurungs for that matter, for their future children, my granddaughters :D

Can clothes be considered as heirlooms..?


Wan Sharif said...

Heirlooms. why not..
Pakaian orang dulu dulu..
seni nya seni bangsa kita..
pakaian orang zaman sekarang
seni nya entah dari mana ye?

Asma Jalalyna said...

i love baju kurung kak... when i need to make one kebaya jawa 4my abg's reception, mek alu blur abisss... huhuuu... last2 i changed da design... alu jd bj kebaya labuh... but more alike bj kurung...

Anonymous said...

Baju kurung is always one of my favorites kak. Tak luput dek zaman.

Globalized Dayung said...

Me love kebaya..I have 3 kebaya from my mum & 3 from my late grandma..For myself, will do it for a very special day....

Ida Athanazir said...

Wan..baju kurung sekarang are always the 'in' thing. some tak tau pun ianya mempunyai kesenian yang indah. Pakai aje :)

Asma.. ya lah, mun bengong2, polah ajak baju kurung biasa. Besar kecik badan semua dpt masok.

G Dayung.. those special days i am sure they are weddings :) Sure you nampak manis bila pakai.

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