Monday, October 11, 2010

Affordable Jackets

This morning getting dressed for work was so confusing.. The more I think of what to wear, and the more I flipped through my tops, the more stressed I got trying to decide the right top for my white pants. While thinking what to wear, I was also thinking what not to forget before leaving the house, in 10 minutes! Arman's snacks, my breakfast (this morning I had a banana & oat cookies), my phones... Ahh! When I arrived at the office, my prepaid line ran out of battery and I didn't bring the charger with me... And I was thinking of having a third phone..??! What? Am I kidding myself?

Finally I decided on a white top with green stripes to go with my G2000 white pants. And I cannot leave home without a jacket/cardigan every single day going to the office. I would have a hard time typing (like now) as my fingers will get freezing cold (and numb) because the office's central aircond is just so powerful. 

the executive jacket

Wearing this jacket today really helps. I should get a pair of gloves for my always-cold hands too. No? Hmm... not a good idea, I know. I'll look like some weird woman roaming around the office wearing glove, huh! Look so unprofessional~ (ngehhhh! cyehh!! Ahahhaa.. Want to look professional mae??) 

Girls, I am so in love with this jacket now, it fits perfectly and it only cost me RM53! Yeap! I got it at a 70% discount sale at Parkson The Spring. *brand- The Executive*. Jackets & cardigans are a must in my wardrobe. I am always rushing and in a hurry in the morning so these items are my saviors. Slip on a no-need-ironing top or camisole and grab one jacket/cardigan then I'm good to go :)

padini shirt

Whenever at The Spring, I make a point to sneak a peek at Padini. A very quick stop. Have a very quick glance and sometimes I would find something that catches my eyes. Get sayang to approve first. (I will only buy if sayang approves, do not like wearing something that he wouldn't approve of) "What is that you're wearing??" is the last thing I want to hear coming out from his mouth.

He likes the green, but I thought too long about whether to buy it or not, finally I decided to keep my RM60. Yes, it was on a 50% sale and for a good quality cotton shirt, I would have gotten one, maybe two. I figured I still have enough shirts for work so, forget the cute green striped shirt. *I will pay another visit, soon*

nicole jacket

Before leaving the fitting room, I snapped few shots of my own outfit, to share with  you readers. This light jacket I'm wearing is by Nicole (purchased at around RM70), I paired it with Levis jeans & a cute Tshirt I bought at the India Street, Kuching, that only cost me RM14. We were planning to catch a movie that weekend night so I knew I should be prepared with something that would keep me warm enough at the movies. I can't stand the too-cold surrounding, I won't enjoy anything when my whole body is freezing cold.

nicole jacket, levis & RM14 Tshirt

And this Nicole jacket is always great with any of my office wear tops or shirts. Love the neutral gray and casual but sophisticated cut. I came across a lot of cute jackets but they are always too pricey, over RM100. These two jackets combined only cost me around RM130-RM135.  And they look equally as smart and expensive as those RM200 jackets!

Alah Membeli, Menang Memakai?? 
Hee hee.. more like, Menang Membeli, Menang Memakai :)


Babe said...

Nice jacket and very simple.

AmirFX said...

Haha.. Biar menang membeli bukan alah memakai gik nektok... haha.. Nway, kacak jaket ya...

Kenny De said...

ku sik pernah kisah ttg baju ku. yg penting, it fits me, feel good and comfortable.ya penting for me.

DrSam said...

had the same problem when choosing the right office attire, especially when trying to match it with a tie :)

Really like that green stripe padini...elegent but yet looks soo cool.

nurain said...

wah..yeah..the jacket is nice..but i love the shirt more.lalalala

Anonymous said...

mun ada kaler cream kacak gik owhh.heheh :P

Ida Athanazir said...

I have been looking around for something with a much lighter color, e.g. White or cream. But usually they come in cotton which wrinkles easily.

dreamChaser said...

menang membeli menang juga memakai.. betul tu :)

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