Friday, September 3, 2010

This is my first ever online purchase and the process was so exciting. Picking out a top, email for payment infos, confirm receive payment and..... wait. My daughters did it a number of times and I have an x-colleague who got addicted (she had said) to online shopping. I'm getting the bug too :p   I have my eye on another top :) 

My package arrived yesterday via Post Laju at the office. And of course I planned to wear it today. I love it, just as I hoped it would be. Thank you The Pop Look ;)

the package

Other people has been doing online shopping ever since forever and to be honest, earlier on I had a little bit of trust issue surrounding the idea of shopping online. It's like shopping with one eye closed. First, you're required to bank in your money into a stranger's account, not really knowing whether you're gonna get your goods or not and then of course you know peanuts of what the item actually look or feel. All you had were photos (with good lightings) of the tops/dresses/shoes to view online. Hmmm... shoes I wouldn't buy online. I'm a size 6, sometimes 5 and 37 too. So... I'll stick to tops, for now.

For me, this Sunkissed Blouse is great with white. 
The white makes the gorgeous colour to pop out.

Pants> Parkson Weekender (purchased like donkeys years ago!)
Shoes> Carlo Rino
Carry all> MNG

Since we're still on the shopping subject, I might as well elaborate on this MNG carry all. I got it on sale at this year's mid year sale at MNG Spring and it cost me only RM69! Been wanting to get this bag for the past one year but each time I went to the boutique, I would think twice and thought I didn't need it. But my first purchase of the bag was for Ayu.. She got accepted to UITM and it was a gift for her.

And Seri wanted one as well... I said to her, "You have to finish your SPM first and get good results, then I'll consider buying for you." She gave me a face.

Seri bought the bag herself... Definitely couldn't wait till she finishes her SPM, who could?? So, as a loving and caring mother (and human being), I gave her 50 bucks to cover half of the amount she purchased. Seri's is in Black, Ayu has it in Vermilion and mine is grey. Hani would have to wait few years...

I don't change handbags that often, other than this MNG carry all I usually use my 12 year old Bonia duffel bag. Few others are nicely kept in my closet. As they as smaller, I only use them on certain occasions. I carry a lot of things in my handbag so my MNG & Bonia are the most reliable ones. Not to mention durable!

with my kids Seri (16), Arman (6), Hani (12) & Ayu (18)

So you guys, don't forget to visit the cool online shopping The Pop Look. I have my eyes on the Puff Shirt in white.. Sayang said I have too many whites in my closet, well, a girl can never have enough :)


Anonymous said...

Nice colour on you sis. I also want to buy one for myself. Selamat hari raya.

Alv0808 said...

The Pop Look? never heard before..Ok I'll try it..hehehe..thanks for the sharing. happy weekend you look gorgeous on those outfit..

Globalized Dayung said...

Best eh...mun ku kat Kuching lak ku order...Semua baju ya diimport dr Taiwan & Korea ba. Susah mok charik kat sitok. Kamek kat USA pun beli barang main2 order sbb mok ngelak tax tinggi kat sitok. MNG wah boleh tahan Akak!!! Hehehe ku mok beli Nine West untuk aku & Coach untuk mak aku. Yelah sayang mama sbb nya dah banyak berkorban ngan ku dr kechik sampai besar....

Ida Athanazir said...

Alvo.. tq. Yeah, u should try it. And cheers to you!

GDayung.. MNG ya murah jak. RM69 jak nak kamek ya. Yes, we should show appreciation to our parents. Walaupun sebenarnya they don't ask for anything in return from us. Take care.

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