Friday, September 24, 2010

Nike Rock!

We were on our way to fetch Arman when we stopped at the traffic light.. I turned to my left and saw this old school school bag sitting next to me. It's Seri's 9 year old OLD Nike school bag.

Okay now, you all, Seri is in Form 4 and this is her FIRST school bag. Well yeahh.. the real first would be the ones she used in Kindy but this one has been with her ever since she entered Standard 1, like 9 years ago!

I asked her.. "Would you like a new bag??" Yup, a silly question. After all these years???! Of course not, this one is pure classic and she loves it to pieces. There's a huge tear inside but it's okay. Sure is one tough rocking bag!

Hmm... I'm such a terrible mom, the whole nine years I never asked her if she needed a new school bag?? Seri never asked for a new one either, poor thing... Other than this bag she has her little exam bag, for lighter stuffs. Only some tear hear and there, no major holes. Basically, this bag stands the test of time, not to mention the test against a child's/teenager's 'rage'.. hee hee.. No lah, Seri is a lemah lembut girl :P

I do feel a bit guilty. Well, as a parent you'd like to be able to provide. School bags are necessities, annual necessities... if not at least couple of years once. This is a bit too much. Not that she ever complains, thank god! But whatever other things that they need, I'm glad I'm able to give them. Really, Seri's new school bag just slipped my mind.


Wan Sharif said...

They say ' if it is not broken don't mend it"
You should be thankful that you have such a kind hearted daughter..
Go buy that new school bag..ha, ha..!!

Anonymous said...

Biar betol kak bag sekolah nya tak pernah ditukar? Hehe, cermat girl.

Walton Wider said...

enjoyed reading ur blog.. ^^

Ida Athanazir said...

thanx so much for your support Walton :)

Ida Athanazir said...

Wan Sharif.. I do. I am thankful to have them, alhamdulillah..

hee hee.. myb tunggu dia masuk Uni.. will get her a special one.

Memang tak pernah tukar ! :D

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