Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hari Raya Food Preparations

1st day Raya

4th day Raya

Cooking during this festive time is so routine for me... I don't cook as much as mom but I'd do few dishes (in huge pots!) so that our guests would have more options. Other than our own cookings, we'll order sate from our usual supplier, boil nasik impit and buy rolls of lemangs. 

The day before I returned to work (4th day of Raya), my sis in law suggested that we have a barbecue and what goes well with barbecue?? "Ida, you do the potato salad :)" Of course I'll do it.. tired, was very very tired... but I prepared a huge serving of cubed potatoes+ cubed chicken+ apple slices+ lettuce+ corn kernels with yummy dressing :)

4th day Raya

preparing the potato salad (a lot of slicing... a LoTTT!!)

It was supposed to be lunch for only us at home but mom decided to call sayang's cousins who just got back from KL... We ate, laughed, talked, joked till 5pm! Daddy wanted to leave home by 3 pm to visit more relatives but we were enjoying ourselves too much :)) And most who came were in t-shirts & jeans, so casual and relaxed.. I likkkee. Why not?? It was already the 4th day of Raya.

4th day Raya

I would prepare Laksa Penang for our 2nd day open house. Why? Because it is.. well.. Yeah, yummy! Easy to do, and it beats all those other oily curry'ish' usual Raya food. You blend all the needed ingredients (lemon grass, galangal, chili, shallots, belacan, daun kesum, bunga kantan) and boil for 1-2 hours till cooked through. And I am not that rajin so this dish suits me best!

Usually I'd cook the Laksa Penang broth in one big pot and that should last the whole day. For this year, I also prepared spaghetti... just to add extra dishes to the table. We don't have help and thank god for the 'temporary' bibiks (my kids & nieces). 

2nd day Raya

Seri just helped to stir which I do need the extra hand, literally

Hani & Pipah helped cut the sausages into small pieces for me to add to the spaghetti sauce

Our Family Photos :)

darling Seri helped me with my eyeshadow

Seri, Ayu, Hani & Arman

Papa with her Power Puff Girls :)

I have a few pics of me & sayang, I'd love to upload all but I'd look too vain... (a bit vain ok lah, ho?)  :p

bersama bibik bibik power puff girls :D

Foohhh..! I am sure glad Hari Raya is over but I had so much fun this year.. tired but fun. Now, how many 'tireds' is that?? Think next year I'll stick to one day open house only. Mannn!! I'm getting older and I don't think I can keep doing this year after year, 2 days of open house is a LoTTT of work, pity the kids.

I need a massage, a hair wash (with lots of urut-uruts.. oooohhhhh.. that ought to be nice) but for now, I can't wait for my sayang to come back home. He's on his way now :) 
*naughty mode on* ;P


Anonymous said...

Selamat Aidilfitri :D

Ida Athanazir said...

Thank you :)
Enjoy the rest of your Syawal

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