Friday, September 24, 2010

Colleagues Collide

What would I do without them??

They are such happy bunches and always cheerful and fun to be with. Yes.. we laugh together, work together and eat together. Syira brought the oh-so-lah-nyamannnn homemade curry puff this morning. Still hot and fresh from her mom's kitchen. And others also brought kuih raya & biscuits... to be shared at the office. Thought I'd start 'slowing it down' starting today.. Where got??? And dismiss this yummy curry puff?! No way!! :)

Mother's Day May 2010

I rely on them to assist with the events I organize.. I'll delegate tasks for each of my colleagues; registration table, photographer/videographer, auditer, judging, deco, etc.. And most of the time, of course, everything went so well (as planned). Without their dedication & enthusiasm our events would surely be disasters.

Working with them has made my life so easy. Not because I have them to assist, but because having them as friends (other than colleagues). Being in the office for half of your waking hours in the day makes it vital to have supportive people around. The office is like your second home. Personally, environment and kind colleagues are most important to me, otherwise going to work can be a living hell.. everyday! There'll be back-stabber (one & maybe more), nice-to-u-only-coz-I-need-something bi**h, pisau palak duak.. urrgggghhhh...! I loathe these kind of characters and can really spoil my day at work. SShhhhhuuuhhhh..! Go away you....

Yeah... you have to make it work. Do your best to focus on your own task and don't let these 'obstacles' get in your way. Hmmm... cakap senang but I've been there. And met few with that kind of ugly side, with much much less pretty side. Hahaa.. pretty only when they need something. I do not want to collide with b*t*hes! 

Thank you dear colleagues.. you know who you are :) Happy to collide with you all.

Colouring Contest March 2010

Kumang & Keling Gawai June 2010

Cooking With Maggi & Petronas and 
Nescafe Tarik Contest August 2010

Tony, Zain, Yati, Nor, Syira & Dayang :*

Told ya they're fun bunches :)

always happy to work (& collide) with happy colleagues :)


Anonymous said...

Curry puff nenek paling sedap.

Wan Sharif said...

the last pictures shows you look rather tired.. What?! you ate too much!.. Oh now.. slow down!! you hear??.. he.. he.. saja nak sakat Ina..

Ida Athanazir said...

Yes.. i was very very tired masa tuh.. Imagine the stress praying it wouldn't rain that morning. Pheww..

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