Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cakes Unite

We don't know when our time will come, no body knows. Yang Maha Esa saja yang tahu. And when the people we know suddenly passed away, all you have left are the memories of them. It does not matter you know that person for one month, one year, six months or ten years.. we're left to wonder and recall the moments we saw them last.

Suriana left at a very young age, she was a very beautiful young woman and a loving mother to her three young children. Our boss George Lee passed away suddenly last Monday... he was in his 40s, looked very fit and very energetic, that's why we were shocked of his tragic passing. Very very friendly, humble and shall be missed by all... colleagues, employees, family & friends. My heart goes out to his family. How can you even start to imagine losing your loved ones...?

Our GM and managers were clearly very very sad that day. I would sometimes bumped into my GM with George Lee enjoying ice cream after lunch in the office together, while chatting and laughing... Will sure miss his laughter :/ Come to think of it, it'd be kinda weird not seeing him walk pass by our door (he came in almost everyday) anymore. "Hi Sir.." & sometimes "Good morning Sir..", I would greet him each time I see him and he always greeted back.

The only memories I have of him is me greeting him, seeing him with my GM walking around the shopping mall together (eating ice cream :>) and him leaving from and coming in my GM's office. A great loss to the corporation. His daughter is my Seri's classmate... pity the kids :( I don't know him that well, but I do feel the loss and that got me thinking how we should appreciate more of the little time we spend with our family & friends.

I don't go out with my friends often, with my kind of commitments I find it hard to squeeze time to catch up with them because I don't have enough time to spare. Thank god for emails & FB... our fastest & cheapest way to stay in touch. And when I do see them, we'd try to catch up on a year worth of updates on our busy lives in twenty minutes! Usually I met up with friends and family at gatherings (weddings, doa selamats, birthdays) and quite often too, at funerals.

Other than that, there is that bumping into one another (at McDonald's!) and luckily for me, the cake delivering I've been doing for the past few days gave me the opportunities to see my friends......... 

Dovina.. I've known her since our primary school days. She works in another part of the world now & has 3 beautiful children. I was queuing on one lane at the McDonald's yesterday and when I turned, there she was waiting for her order. The last time I saw her was about 2 years ago. We stay in touch emailing each other from time to time. In school, she was the top student and I always told my kids how Auntie Dovina managed to stay at the top of the class without any tuition classes but can be very successful now... When I think of her, all I see is that unstoppable smile :)

I delivered Salbiah her cake last night. She's such a cool mother to her 4 wonderful children, and a very very cool friend! I've only known her since 2006 but when we met, we just ClicK and straight away became close. She would call and check if I'm free in the morning and she would fetch me and we'd go have breakfast together. I miss our breakfasts together.. must go after Hari Raya Sal!

Mona came over last night at 1am, fresh from the salon :) I am so glad to have a friend like Mona, she & my twin sis Ina are very close, that's how I got to know her. Very independent woman & always lively! Whenever I called asking for favors, I would get a reply almost instantly. Always ready to lend a hand.

Izan.. Yup! She is one of Dayang's die hard fans, they actually went to the same school. I've known Izan for 8 years now and she is like my own younger sister. Always there if a friend is in need and she is a very very loyal person. The cake she collected the other night was for another friend of hers. A kind friend too, indeed. Whenever she went for holidays, she will always bring somethings back for the kids... and me. She loves her friends very much! *bila nak makan tok Zan*

Amla.. hey, believe it, this is a grandmother. When I delivered her cake on Monday night, that's actually the very first time we met after getting close via FB. And I must say Amla, you actually look younger in person! Thanks for being my friend :) We chatted like tu-tu trains and as if we could catch up on our busy lives in half hour?!! Sayang fell asleep in the car waiting for me delivering Amla's cake. Heeheee.. I enjoyed our brief chat.

When Izan came over, I asked her to drive me to Mel's house. That was the first time I went to her house, she invited me to little Ariez's doa selamat but I couldn't make it. Mel shares the same birthday with my nephew Hakim, Ina's son. Ina & Mel are best friends. And she has two other teenage daughters ya'll! When son Ariez was born, we have the pleasure of seeing him growing up through his mom's mobile uploads on the net. He's gonna be so handsome when he grows up Mel ;)

I bumped into Alin at my workplace on Monday. We've known each other since our secondary school days. I got to know my husband through Alin's husband, Achdiat. Sayang and Achdiat were school mates & close friends... She just gave birth to her third daughter, Cinta, and she looked great, as always. Big eyes with smooth complexion. She came to Kuching with her family for the Hari Raya holidays & has been living in KL for over 10 years now, so we only meet during the time she's in Kuching for holidays. 

I saw Lyn last Sunday to deliver her cheesecake, she wasn't feeling well that day but always happy and cheerful to see us. She has 4 daughters and a son. When this photo was taken (with 5 day old Arman who is 6 now), she only has 3 daughters. Now she has 5 gorgeous kids and to me she is a real Supermom! She's my cousin in-law but feels more like a real cousin. Lyn's a wonderful person, sincere, generous and always very helpful whenever you need a friend. Get well soon Lyn dear.

If it weren't for the cakes, I wouldn't see most of these friends of mine this week.. other than the bumping-into with Dovina & Alin.  As of this moment, I've delivered more than a dozen cheesecakes and compare to the years before, that is little. Usually I baked more than two dozen and would reach around three dozens by Raya eve. And of course I got to meet up with a lot more friends :)

I'm so thankful and blessed to have such great friends like Izan, Lyn, Mona, Sal, Alin, Mel, Amla, Dovina, and I have quite a few more I hope to meet up with soon. Cakes shouldn't be the only reasons to catch up with friends, but being busy moms (most of them with careers) with tight daily routines, cakes unite us.. Hee hee... I like that.


Anonymous said...

Ida, good afternoon, I was searching for any news of my late tennis and school-mate, George Lee, who passed away suddenly Monday. I came across your blog due to the google search. I didn't attend his funeral Wednesday because I am now working in KL. I am very sad at his passing because we shared a lot of good and fun times together while playing and competing in tennis tournament at school, junior, state and national-level in the late 1970s and very early 1980s. I have not met him for the past 21 years ever since I last saw him in early December 1989 in a tennis tournament in Kuching at the club-house (there used to be a tennis club just before the new Satok Bridge - where the present row of shophouse are now situated).

The memories,fun, mischief, and above all the friendship that we (all our tennis buddies and school-mates) had for him will be forever in our hearts and we all hold him in high regards.

In our hearts, I think George Lee will forever be George Lee, friendly, thoughtful, a fair leader, and best mates to all that are lucky enough to know him......

Michael Chong,

Anonymous said...

Sorry for your loss Kak.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ida, salam aidilfitri and selamat hari raya.
I enjoyed looking thru your pics here. And must say you sure one very attractive lady!
Can send my resume? Ha ha ha.
Happy holidays and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

Ida Athanazir said...

Michale.. thanx for dropping by. Im sure everyone who knew him truly feel the loss. I know that little tennis club, i spent time there as a child coz my dad played tennis with his friends there. Tq again.

Uncle Lee.. thank you for the compliment. Resume belum siap :P hee heee..

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