Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thinking of Indulgence

I'm thinking this is the time to pamper myself. Starting with the hair conditioner. Well ya.. that's suppose to be a normal thing for women, but for me... it is one of those luxuries that I wouldn't indulge on a daily basis. I got myself a new tube (above in white) the other day and I was shock to find that the last time I bought myself a hair conditioner was last Raya!! Huh?!!?? 

I used it ever so sparingly that the content seemed to last me for months & months. One year to be exact!

Well, I'm trying to change, for the better, spending wise I mean... Actually, in term of spending, it is not good at all for my savings accounts but would be good for me. Me... Yes! ME!!! The change in spending (habit) would be good for myself. I'm getting older so I need better pampering and more beauty products to keep myself looking like I'm in my 20s. AHaaa ... hahaaaaaHHAAA.. I Wish!

with my darling sis Siti at the Watson's... oh yes! she's single ;)

*seriously clearing throat* Ehhhemmmm... What do you think?? Well, I am thinking, like, really really thinking. Sometimes, thinking is not good, most of the time, GooD. Not good because the decisions from NO becomes YES, "Yes, I'm buying." Because, you don't want to act without thinking. So, serious thinking is needed for this fabulous and expensive beauty product. Pure indulgence.

You know, I don't spend much on myself. The last time I went for a facial was... was..... Was, ten years ago??! Maybe more? Couldn't really afford to do too often then but I can afford it now. Just that, I'm so use to not having to HAVE to do a facial that it never crosses my mind to go. And the last time I spent money at the salon was 2 years ago, for an RM30 haircut. Daughter Seri trims my hair now.

This??! It was free ya'll. Absolute Hair Studio was a sponsor for our Miss Fitness 2010 event and Jack (the owner in the photo) offered to do my hair. I look fab.. ahahaaaaa, with the new make over lho! I did have my hair done (and paid for them) but very very seldom, only for certain occasions. Most dinners, weddings or functions that I attended, I just went with 'my' hair.

And make up? Need I say more?? I do not have a make up kit, my little things are everywhere. Mascara is with Seri, lipstick... I think I need to throw them away already, dah rosak ah! Compact powder... I remember the only one that I ever purchased, it was in '97 or '98. The Chanel compact powder is a wonderful product, so fine and natural. Loved it! I never got myself to buy a second one because I do not like the idea of clogging my pores. Yup! I don't... So, I go around with powder. Heh... 

I would only get the best and Chanel has one of the best qualities amongst all beauty products & brands. * get a second one? after more that a decade?? hmmmm...maybe*

But for these pair of gorgeous studs, I thought bout it for quite a while because it was at the back of mind just waiting to be adopted. It was already there, I just had to be patient. Hmmm... Yes, I indulged myself. And they're worth it! Sayang agreed with the purchase because he believes they are good investments and they look good on me!! :) For these kind of indulgence, I would only do it maybe..., few years once. Maybe to mark something or just simply because I fell in love with it.

Back to the SK-II.

I'm gonna do some serious baking this Raya, have to make myself kaya. Then can shopping sakan. But.. hmmm... don't think I can wait that long. I NeeD It sooonnnn. And, I will get it soon :)


dreamChaser said...

u look perfect :) even without all the indulgence.. whats ur secret? hehe..

nyway.. your picture is ready. hehe..really hope u like it.

here's the tell me what u think about it ya.. so hopefully i can improve in this thing hehe

u have a great day today and happy baking..

Anonymous said...

Happy Ramadhan Ida.

Your cake looks delish! Happy baking sis :)

Ida Athanazir said...

oh Dream Chaser.. so sweet of you! I honestly do not know what to say :')

so terharu. Thanx so much, it's a real honor.

I love it, no need to improve anything. U have your own style and trademark. Just keep doing what you feel suit you best. Cheers!

dre said...

wow..really? hehe..thnk you actually for allowing me to do it ;)

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