Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sharing & Moisturizing

"I have the vitamins in the office..."

"Why bring it to the office mate??"

"If I leave it at home, my wife will finish the whole bottle!"

Urmm... hello? Sharing IS Caring, no?? Or in the case of husband-and-wife thing, Sharing IS Loving? Definitely not losing. Losing your extra tablets???! Well, I choose whom I share my things, my money, my thoughts with. But, you shouldn't think twice or even start to think to share or not when it comes to your loved ones.

I heard this conversation awhile ago... It's just that I have these jumbo bottles of supplements which I purposely bought for everyone (except the ones who are under the 12 years of age) to share in my family... The Buffered C contains 230 tablets & the Fish Oil 1000 contains 150 capsules.

For me, my earnings aren't mine alone... I work, spend time at the office, do my job well and by end of the month, I look forward to the paycheck so I could make my kids' faces (and also my sayang's) shine like the rainbow when I hand them their allowances. Ayu needs slightly more now because she is basically living on her own and away from home :( Miss Her.

Of course I would indulge on some things for myself, but most of the time when I'm just about to do it, I'd think twice and ended not buying them.. Unless I really need to, like my face cream (RM50 Olay that lasts me few months), shampoo (hair conditioner... think twice. Can still live without it), bras, panties, new sizeM G2000 work pants that I had to purchase last week (yeahh... all 3 of my sizeS G2000 pants don't fit me no more...), shoes.... 

Ohhh.., I bought a pair of Alain Delon couple of weeks ago. Need them, pity my other pairs lohhh, need an extra pair so I could rotate them. If not ahh, I'm gonna destroy my Hush Puppies & Carlo Rino in no time! My work requires me to be on my feet half the time  (the other half on my butt) and when I'm on my feet, my shoes are working extra OT. 

They are the most comfortable, they are the soul to my feet :) Here, I share the story of my Sole Mate, miss them :/

from left, my Hush Puppies, Carlo Rino and Alain Delon 
(all were purchased at 50% discounts)

Hmmmm... where were we. Wokay, back to my bare essentials.. :) Shoes, what else?? Honestly, I can't think of any other things. I'm quite... bare, so to speak. Speaking of bare, if you noticed in my last post, I wasn't sure whether to use that photo or not. I looked so pale. Click here & it's the first photo in the post. I know, I know... I need to do my eyebrow, some mascara, lipstick, blusher... Wooohhh! That is a lot of work you guys, for me at least. But for you orang dara out there, keep it up! Don't be like me, always I-have-no-time-for-my-face... Mmmmmmm.....

But... I must have moisturizers for my face and lips. I hardly use lipsticks these day... Expensive. I've been living on this little Nivea Lip Care, love it!

my flavor is Cherry

my face & lips are...

The colour is subtle, but I love it. Enough moisture with a hint of colour for the bare-faced me.  Aiya.. our subject lari jaoh already. We were talking about supplements and sharing. Yeap! I'd rather spend my money on the things that I can share with my whole family than on myself alone. Well, actually... I do have an indulgence. And yeah, I'd spend quite a substantial amount of money on it/them. But only once in few years. Later I story aeh...

Might as well I upload this one too... a cousin shared this photo with me. I love it! Pure candid,  and I was smiling (to myself). I was working and she was in the crowd watching our event. 

I don't know much, but I do know I want the best for my family. As for the guy who's not so happy to share his supplement with the wife, maybe he has his own reasons. Maybe he simply wants his bottle to last more that one month. I also take an extra supplement, for the busy me. Take care and enjoy your weekend peeps!


Wan Sharif said...

Dear Ida..
I believes that whatever we spent on our family members are also sedeqah.. hence if di terima NYA.. will bring a lot of Baraqah.. (wrote some in my blog)..
Selamat menjalani ibadah puasa..

Anonymous said...

Vitamin C sangat bagus untuk skin. Saya juga makan hari hari.

nc said...

u look great what .. for a mother n wife, gosh.. i wish i can be like u :)

u have very great photos in this photos..would u like to be featured in my blog? just asking,

check it out.. :) u will understand :) have a nice day..

its another blog of mine, under creative pursuit hehe

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