Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sahur Stories To Tell

It wasn't enough just to admire the beautiful structure of Masjid Bahagian Kuching at Subuh, I just had to snap a photo. We were on our way back home from Sahur at McDonald's Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman... Ayu is around and she's been looking forward to its yummy fries. Sayang went to Kota Semarahan yesterday evening to fetch her at UITM.

As usual, these siblings seem to be on an unstoppable story telling mode... Arman's been asking when is his Kak Ayu coming back home. Seri specially has a lot to share with her elder sister... the dramas at school, the who what where whatever teenagers are talking about, I have no idea. In the car they all couldn't stop laughing listening to Hani's funny story of her all-purple-look (lipstick included) teacher's expression in class. 

Ayu had her own story to tell, her Semenanjung friends are eager to learn to speak the Kuching Malay dialect. One particular friend is speaking the local Malay dialect quite well already that he sounds like a Sarawakian. Well, you may be able to speak our dialect, but we can tell that you're not from here because you would still sound like a... non-Sarawakian. You must sound like a Sarawakian, then we can give the official Mohor Mohor Besar Chop! Haa haaa.. 

Ayu & her other Sarawakian mates make it a point to speak in (slow-paced) local Malay dialect to their Semenanjung friends so they could learn faster. I hear that her Uni mates are going back home this Raya with Kek Lapis Sarawak, Beras Bario (hmm... not easy to find here in Kuching), "pesan orang rumah." they had told Ayu. Sounds like serious weight access for the trip home O_O

"Kak Ayu! Kak Ayu! My friend Henry berak dalam sloar.." That's just one of Arman's stories to tell his doting sister Kak Ayu. "Kak Yu.. I have a new game on my PSP. Wanna see??!"

Usually Arman will coordinate our seatings at eateries, always.. always he must be seated next to his dad. I never stand a chance... Sayang would just look at my face with a it's-ok-sayang-I'm-not-that-far look. The both of us would sit on either side of Arman.

But last night at Berbuka Puasa and this morning at Sahur, Arman chose to sit next to his Kak Ayu. Me & sayang were left to sit by ourselves on a separate table... "It's just gonna be the two of us once they're all on their own sayang. Like this, having our Big Macs at McD's, just the two of us." 

Hmmm... time flies. I still remember (ya... yaa.. I'm a mom you know, how can I forget those childbirths, birthdays, 1st day of school...) when they were just these tiny people, I was the one who gets to pick out what they should wear and CAN wear. But now, they're on their own, most of the time. Except for Arman, he'd just agree to anything that I pick out for him, well, most of the times. *most of the time OR most of the times* click >>>  (???).

McDonald's at 4:15 am

Sayang met a friend there this morning and his friend asked, "Just the two of you?" Looking at the two of us sharing a table.

"Therrrre, my kids are at the next table." Sayang replied. 

"Ah.... Didn't notice them, well, the two of you are always with the kids whenever we bumped into one another. That's why I asked." And he was slightly shock to know our eldest is studying in the higher institution already. "Wahh!!! I have along way to go man! Yours are SO grown up already!" Sayang's friend commented. 

Yup! Before you know it, I'd be a grandma already (!!!!!!???!!). Urrrmmm... that'd be years years & yearssss from now ya? School must finish first.

*feeling so full.. Hmmm.. quite an extraordinary Sahur for me. 
I usually just have plain water with oats*


Kenny De said...

selamat berpuasa sis :) mesti best bila semua anak-anak berkumpul sama2.. duno bila gik kmk org adik beradik pat kumpul beramai2 gik..huhu

AmirFX said...

Selamat sahur kak.. Kazen kmk pun dah masuk ke U juak time tok.. Dolok marek kmk msh nemunya main lam parit... haha.. Nang dah tua menar lah kmk tok...

Anonymous said...

Dalam parit.. haha lawak.

selamat menyambut hari raya Kak.

Ida Athanazir said...

Kenny... tq. Ya lah, nowadays nak ngumpul family together kadang kadang bukan senang. Masing masing bz..

Amir... kmk lagik tua :p

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