Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pre Raya Routine

Right........ Work mode on (always ON). Cooking mode on. Baking mode on. 

Semua mesti ON. Work? I am in the event department, so, cannot lari one. We are organizing an activity on the 6th & 7th Hari Raya, I'm in charge for the event. Just need to do proper delegations, like I always do. Making sure to get enough participants and to have everything else ready by the 14th. InsyaAllah, the event will go as planned.

some of the items/ingredients for my 

closer look...

"Sayang.. sayanggg... Wake up...  It's 7am. I want to go to town and get ingredients for my cheese cakes.." Kesian, sayang. He was enjoying his sleep but I needed him to drive me to town, and to be my helper to carry all those plastic bags full of kilos and kilos of sugar, butter, chocolate chips, flour... 

I've been baking this cake for over a decade. My pre-Hari Raya routine. Lots of memories, one in particular was in 2003. I was about 7 months pregnant with Arman and I baked around (lost count!!) 50 tins. The orders kept coming in and I kept saying "Yes, I'll do one for you.." By night time, my feet couldn't take it anymore and I remember one night I ended up on the living room sofa. My back was aching and my feet... So painful from standing all day long. And after few days of baking baking baking baking baking.. and baking, when I stood up, I could actually see my toes! ???? Not good ya'll.. As I was 7 months pregnant, I shouldn't be able to see my toes. "Perut you turun." My sister in law commented. 

I just wanted to make enough money so sayang would have extra cash to cover for my hospital bills later when I give birth. Yeap! I made more than enough. But this year I only took few orders. Few means more than 5 and less than 20. Most orders come from my regulars. 

When I arrived at the bakery supplies shop at 8am, people are already squishing through one another to get to their desired ingredients on the top shelves, in the fridge, in the baskets. I know what I need so it only took me 10 minutes to shop. 

The only thing left to do now is bake. I'll start doing that next week. And as for my baju raya, I will visit the dressmaker today, stopped by this morning but I guess me & sayang were too early. The shop was still closed. I hope Hing will take my materials. Yeah, I would understand it if she won't be able to do my kurungs as Hari Raya is only 13 days away. Salah sendiri :/

...I bought it two days ago. We'll just have to wait and see if it really do a miracle on my face :) Parted with quite a substantial amount of money on one item, it better work!

*random photo with my sisters & only brother*
twin sis Ina (far left), Zuria, Adi & Siti


Min said...

Kak Ida, kek nampak nyaman jak. Ada discount kah? he3x. Gurau. Selamat hari raya 2u :)

Globalized Dayung said...

Macam ni boleh perut kitak turun??? Sik ku paham ayat2 oh. Boleh explain.

Ida Athanazir said...

Hi G Dayung,

kan mun pompuan pregnant perut bulat ke depan.. so, masa ya i was on my feet slalu gilak somehow my tummy sunk in, macam rupa nak flat dari depan. And bila berdiri lurus pun i can see my jari kaki coz perut dah 'turun'.

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