Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Mak

That's mom. She's gorgeous, isn't she? I haven't done a post about her. Well no, it is not Mother's day. I went through photos of her and decided to tell you a bit about my dearest mom, Hamidah Hj Kiplawi.

*feeling a bit sad and trying to hold back tears* i think that's why i haven't blog about her...

She is a cool mom. The only thing she nagged about was when we didn't help her enough with the housework. I don't really remember she ever got all stressed out about our studies or social life. Well, it was school social life... Nae, she never poked her nose into our life. All she did was be home, do the household chores, cook & clean for us and we would go with her to visit her parents at kampung during weekends. A very basic stay at home mom.

Sister Siti said my cooking is similar to my mom's, which is a great compliment to me because I love my mom's cooking. When we were still celebrating Hari Raya together, I remember she would cook on the Raya eve till late at night. I specially love her daging masak hitam :)

Our journeys to nenek's house at Kampung Surabaya, Kuching would have to go through fun sampan rides. I've not been in one for years, over a decade actually. Would love to bring my children ride on one of the sampans but to be honest, I'm scared for their safety. I know it'd be exciting for them.

My parents were divorced when I was sixteen, little sister Siti was only 10 then. She became my dad's 'handbag'. She would follow dad to the office every day because there was nobody at home to look after her. My twin sis Ina and I were in school. Everyday when we arrived home from school, no lunch would wait for us. After the divorce, mom moved to her parents' in kampung. Classmate Zalina sometimes had few packets of nasi lemak prepared by her mom to sell at school and I always reserved one for myself. That would be my breakfast cum lunch.

I have to say, after the divorce, it was quite peaceful. Not that I enjoyed being away from my mom.. It was worse for her, being away from us specially Siti. Siti is her darling angel. Of course they didn't just divorce without any signs of differences between them. Hated it when they argued. Mom would cry and that truly was heartbreaking to watch. It drove mom into depression. The 3 of us stayed with dad as he was the one we relied on driving us to school and fed us. 

Mom with sister Siti

My grandparents were old. My not-too-well mom had to look after them. And her siblings didn't offer much help to ease her pain and depressions, only 3 particular aunties were there for my mom whenever she needed moral supports. But mom being a very soft hearted person forgives her siblings' cruelness. They visit her now and take her out to family gatherings sometimes.

It was so hard for her. Away from her children, had to look after her ageing parents which she never complains, being on medications for her depression and had to bear with her ungrateful siblings. They were afraid that mom was going to inherit whatever that belonged to my grandparents. Then Ina 'took' her away from there, when my dear grandparents had passed on (may Allah bless their souls, InsyaAllah). Thank you Ina for looking after mom :')

Ina, Mom & Siti

Mom with nephew Hakim

Mom is much happier now and never remarries. She's staying with my single sister Ina and helps look after her son, Hakim. Funny though, this is the first time she had to care for a 'son' because she only have 3 daughters. She would sometimes complains of being not well, old age I guess but overall, she's healthy alhamdulillah.

With my parents in Kanowit

Dad was a government servant and was posted in Kanowit since I was 2 months old. We transfered back to Kuching when I was 5. Mom told me I spoke no Malay! And never had ice cream or sweets! I guess that's where I got my good teeth.. hee hee..  

Ina & I played with friends from rumah panjang, which was very near to our house. Being around Iban kids had us conversed in Iban.. I don't remember that. And I don't speak the language anymore, what a waste! I understand just a bit, from colleagues whom are Ibans. I also admire the Bidayuh dialect... so unique and totally different from the Malay's.

This photo was taken on her wedding day, I think she was about 20 years old. This was a happy time for my mom, I'm sure. So pretty my mom :) They say I look like my mom and Ina looks like my dad. Haha!! Does not mean I'm saying I'm pretty like my mom aehh!! She is much prettier, with the most beautiful soul and kind heart. She is a very strong individual.


mr_abs said...

eyy.sedeh baca :(

kacak mak ktk, tua pun gik nampak kacak :)

kpg nenek rah sourabaya ulu ka hilir? umah nenek kmk rah sourabaya ulu :)

harap your mum sehat sntiasa :)

Kenny De said...

kmk pun sama kedak mr_abs.. pilu maca nya tapi happy nangga nya senyum dgn adik beradik ktk yang lain.

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Ida, very heartwarming post. Regret read of your parents sad experiences.
Your mom looks great today as she did in the past...macham bintang P. Ramli. At first I thought she Latifah Omar too, ha ha.

I enjoyed looking at your very nice pictures here.
Your mom is a never ending song in your heart of comfort, happiness and being.
You may sometimes forget the words, but you always remember the tune.

Wishing you and family selamat berpuasa and a happy hari merdeka, best regards and you keep a song in your heat, Lee.

Anonymous said...

Very touching. I love my mom too.

nc said...

ur mom...beautiful. :) we are blessed to have moms.. :) n u have a twin sister? cool :)

CJane said...

I love the first photo. Your mom is indeed a very beautiful person, inside out. It is also heartbreaking to read about her life and divorce... but she was so strong to face the life ahead. If it was me, I don't think I would be as strong as her. :)

Ida Athanazir said...

Mr abs, tq so much. Mak sihat alhamdulillah. Umah nenek kmk rah Surabaya Hilir.

Kenny, yes, she is much happier now. Im so glad :)

Uncle Lee, hee heee.. i always adore Latifah Omar's beauty, very exotic yet look pure malay. Tq very much, keep singing too.

Nc, my twin sis Ina.. yeah, it is cool isn't it? teman gadoh & ketawa :)

CJane, she was divorced around my age now. I also cannot start to imagine if the same thing happens to me. Tq ya?

RaMa-RaMa Fareeza said...

kacak mak ktk kak..:)..what a heartwarming post....

Ida BorneoLove said...

Tq dear Fareeza... yes. She is very pretty isn't she? :)

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