Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hari Raya Preparations


Ahhh! I am so happy to be able to provide for my kids. We're done with Arman, baju melayu.. Check! Shirts.. Check! Songkok.. Check! Shoes..... no need lah, the old ones are still good. And for my sayang, oh lah my dear sayang! He finally got new Baju Melayus. Yes! Baju Melayu's', more than one! About time lah sayang!! Been wearing the same baju melayu for a decade.. omg! Kata orang kelak bini sik meli baju pakei laki.. huh!!

But he wouldn't let me take pictures of his handsome baju melayus.. Ohhh.. they're so kacak! "Spoil lah the mystery of my baju melayu Dek... save it for Raya, k?" I have to respect his request. And yes, we bought the ready made ones at one of the popular departmental stores in Kuching last Sunday. My men are prepared for Raya :)

Arman trying on a set of Baju Melayu at Koleksi Alia

Big Apple doughnuts for berbuka puasa :) 
...done shopping for Arman

Baju Raya for Arman


Venue; India Street & Old Court House Kuching

buying more ingredients for my cheesecakes

sayang loves this blue

he wanted something in plain silver (butang baju)

cool sidewalk

great structure

gorgeous sun rays

beautiful green

fresh morning breeze

montel me (i put on weight this Ramadhan liaww..)

old fashioned pillars

if these trees could talk.. 'hey Ida.. you're in my light'

OMG! Look at me! Like a tourist.. hee heee..

Today, sayang and I started our day by walking from the Kuching Waterfront (where we parked) through the Old Court House and to India Street Kuching. It was 8am and the beautiful sun was shining so beautifully that we couldn't resist capturing some photos of the gorgeous nature with the historical structure at the background (with me in them) :>

I needed to get more ingredients for my cheese cakes and we ended buying other things for sayang. During the Ramadhan month, the Kuching India Street is always packed with sea of people shopping for clothings & accessories, mostly are for the Hari Raya preparations. It's rare seeing sayang coming here as he is always always busy busy and he just prefers to stay in the car. But today, he even picked out his own baju melayu material! So rare!! I've always been the one buying for him but this time, he chose the color and  material.

It's just one week before Raya.. Who goes shopping for baju melayu material and have to  get it done within a week??! My husband laaa.....

Cut him some slack... It has been years since he got himself new baju melayu. And today he got his third set. We left India Street by 9:30am and went straight to my dressmaker.

Speaking of clothes, in case you haven't notice... I have been wearing the same grey shirt every time I go out these days. And sayang too, he's been wearing the same white shirt. Actually, we're making these shirts our 'uniforms'. So easy lorrr... No need to think what to wear, just grab and go! (urrmmm... that includes putting it ON).

Sayang has a few of the white shirt and I have a few of the grey shirt. So comfortable, so easy, cooling and cheap! That was one of the reason why we went to India Street this morning, sayang was looking for more of the white t-shirt.. Not available here, his mom bought a few for him when she was in KL few months ago. I would have gotten 10 for him.. Anything for you my love :> You're welcome sayang. 

Selamat Menyambut Hari Merdeka ke 53! 


Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Hey! All the best in your shopping yeah. It must be feeling great to be able to celebrate Raya again this year.

Selamat berpuasa and selamat beraya!

Wan Sharif said...

Ha ha.. you finally completed you hari raya shopping..
You are putting up good pictures.. mm which structure are you refering to.. oops nasib baik bukan siang hari..
Eh sayang you tu tak cemburu ke.. tengok banyak sangat gambar you dalam blog ni.. posing sana posing sini..
Apa pun Selamat hari raya ..maaf zahir batin.. oh ya selamat sambut hari kemerdekaan..

AmirFX said...

Wahhh.. Sik lamak gik nak raya.. Kmk lom gik shopping.... Selamat bershopping kak!

Ida Athanazir said...

Willie.. alhamdulillah. It's the family gathering that I look forward to.

Wan Sharif.. The structure is the old Court House near to India Street Kuching. I should have taken a photo from the front but I was passing thru and just took from other angles.

My sayang okay.. dia approve. Tq & Selamat hari raya to you too.

Amir.. shopping last minute lah exciting. Paling sik best mun terpaksa bergelut :/

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