Saturday, August 7, 2010

Event's Nightmare

It's still raining outside... Not much I can do but hope & pray for the best tomorrow. If it still rains tomorrow morning, we have no choice but probably to have to call the whole things off. That would sure suck! A total nightmare...  :/

Speaking of nightmares, I've had few nightmares before certain events. Not that scary, kinda hilarious. I would think about them so much and they ended up in my dreams.. hahaaahaaaa..

Events I organized usually go well, as planned. Just few hick ups, non too serious. But no one can really predict the weather.. I'm worried. So concern of the participants, their hope and preparations. The money they spent. But I'm told I should not worry at all, if those 20 people want to come forward and complain, someone is ready to receive the complaints with open hands. I can just 'wash off' my own hands, as I was assured.

Teenage Karaoke Contest 2010 (July 2010)

The teen karaoke contest went absolutely well last month... still I received text messages of some unsatisfied parent of one of the participants. Though non of the 32 hopefuls had to pay any participation fees, they always expect more from organizers. Most of the times are the parents, not the children. Ah well...! Few of them came up to me and express their excitements for they can't wait to try again next year to win the Teenage Karaoke champion title!

Miss Kumang & Mstr Keling Gawai 2010 (June 2010)

And when participants went all out to win the title, it always makes me feel a bit guilty if the kids (especially) had to go back home empty handed.. which they never did. I made sure I prepared door gifts and attractive top prizes. Again, I never charged entry fee. Some mothers even sew the clothes themselves and few spent their money to rent costumes.

A lot of these kids have been 'following' my activities/events ever since last year... I'm quite amazed of their supportive parents! I didn't know what to expect when I organized the Halloween Costume Contest, they came in these home made pumpkin heads, body suit (with light bulbs!!), 'scary' makeups, colorful & adorable mermaids and fairies :)

I'm planning another Halloween costume competition this coming October... it's gonna be awesome! Gotta think out-of-the-box, I've been reminded. Maybe I should put on the little boy's pumpkin head and walk around in it and hopefully some greater ideas might just pop out! Honestly, I am kinda exhausted... not with my job! NO! I am having a lot of fun...! Just that it's been non-stop for the past month, this is the fourth consecutive weekend.

We'll just have to sleep tonight, and wake up tomorrow morning to see whether it's 'D' day to go on with the cooking contest or not.


Anonymous said...

Yoh mbak, kepala nya funny sekali :D

Wan Sharif said...

You have to worry about the weather .. cooking contest?!!
Is it going to be held in the open?..
Any way..Good luck / bon courage (as they say it in French) to you..

Rosie said...

Kakak nak masak ape? Boleh lah kongsi resipi ye? Good luck.

AmirFX said...

Gud luck kak! Duak ari tok d kch nang mala ujan... Rindok juak ktk dpt nangga nemiak k costume baju halloween... Mesti kiut2 jak sidaknya...

Anonymous said...

Selamat berpuasa Kak.

Ida Athanazir said...

thanx so much all..

actually the event went so well! i will blog bout it. Great weather that day, windy and not too sunny. Perfect.

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