Monday, August 16, 2010

Chicken For My Moms

Hmmm... The moment that we all are waiting for, the breaking of fast. The food, the cold drinks (I try very much to avoid, not good for digestion.....), the kurma, the drinks, more drinks, roasted chicken/fish, freshly sauteed greens... Ahhhh, nyumm!

I love this salad. I call it my version of Thai salad, simple, very very simple to prepare ya'll! Big onions, tomatoes, cucumber(optional, not shown in these photos), birds eye chili.. All these  vegetable mix well together with fresh coriander (a must!), freshly squeezed limau kasturi, sugar and salt. And a bit of olive oil, for shine :)

I tell you my friends... this mouth watering simple salad is a real appetizer! It goes so well with fish and and and... everything lah! "nasi tambah!" is a sure thing. So, be sure to cook extra rice when you're serving this dish for a meal, okay?


What better to do on off days than to run some errands and buy food for your parents' breaking of fast....? Me cook?? Ya, I do cook.. I  mean, seriously, I seriously cook some serious food, if I'm up to it or, when I really have to. But, buying the ready to eat is always the best options these days, for yourself or for giveaways.

I bought 4 packets of ayam panggang for 4 households. One for myself, one for my mom, one for my mom-in-law and one for my step mom. Isn't that cool?? I have a lot of moms.. and not forgetting my Mak Yo (dad's only sister). I didn't get any ayam panggang for her though... she's in KL now visiting her children, my cousins. And she's the 'closest' to me, she lives just next door from us.

mummy (my mom-in-law) with mak (my own mom) 
I love this photo :)

so funny, 
I decided to put up my mothers' photos in the midst of these food :p

mak Tipah (my step mom) with mak Yo (my auntie)

Me and sayang are always always busy. Busy busy busy! Weekdays? No way... there is no way to visit our parents on a weekday, kinda a sad thing. So, last Sunday sayang & I ordered the ayam panggang, collected the 4 packets by 5pm and we drove around Kuching (while doing our errands; visits to the ATM, dressmaker, supermarket....) delivering them to our parents.

This yummy ayam panggang little stall is located at Jalan Mataim Kuching, near Jalan Patingan. Nang nyaman oi! They do sell them at the Bazaar Satok but it's always too crowded there so I prefer to just get my ayam panggang from here instead. Not expensive, considering the slavering-over-the-fire is done by the professionals, only RM16 per chicken.

Sunday night's dishes for buka puasa, ayam panggang & the popular terubok panggang. Where to buy the fish you're asking??? hahaaaa... only in Kuching dear (I think..).

Selamat Berbuka Puasa !


AmirFX said...

Wahhh.. Paling sik thn ngn manok panggang ya... *gurp*

Wan Sharif said...

Oh yeah, here in my Ampang Tasik is also RM16 per chicken for that delicious ayam panggang..although my SIL got one for RM14 the other day..
Banyaknya.. sampai empat keluarga .. tentu lebih barakah dan semuga beroleh keberkatan selalu..

[z@ck] said...

sangatlah mouth watering sis oii..

dreamChaser said...

that salad looks delicious :)
n u have a lot of! (^_^)

selamat berpuasa n berbuka puasa :)

Anonymous said...

Akan ku cuba appetizer yang menggiurkan itu. Thnkyou kak :)

fateen said...

hi :) for the salad,u made a big pot of it rite?so for that much,hw many limes do u need? :)

Ida Athanazir said...

Hi Fateen dear.. well....

I think I used around 10-15 limau kasturi. Up to you, if you use more, you need to add more sugar. Just to balance the sourness.

Don't forget a little dash of oil :)

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