Saturday, July 10, 2010

Waterfront Music Fest

On 6th, 7th & 8th July I worked straight from 8am till about 11pm... I worked yesterday, as usual and now in the office too. I have an event to coordinate also tomorrow... Phewww... I Am Tired. My body is feeling the strain now, a good massage is what I really need but sayang dozed off (more like 'byebye love'...) last night before I could remind him of our 'session'. Of course in return he will get what he loves most...... ;)

Well, here I am, yawning non-stop and my usual smiley face is just not there today. I am not sleepy though, just so tired. On the third night of the Waterfront Music Fest (look us up in the FB), I was having the back ache that usually visits me during the Ramadhan month, where I would be on my feet for hours baking cakes. The first time I had it was when pregnant with Seri (she's 16 now). 

Every now and then I would suffer the back pain after standing or on my feet for too long. The last bad one was when I was training as a restaurant manager and of course, we would have to get used to be on our feet the whole time of our working hours. After the first week, I thought I would have to quit my job/training. I  couldn't take it anymore.. then after 1 week of training (and on our feet), we're to report at the HQ and had to attend classes for special courses. My back had a 2 days 'break' during the training at HQ and to my surprise, the back pain never came back even during I was working, on my feet, all day long. I guess my body got used to the routine and it just switch to body-need-to-work mode. Hee heee... Believe me, it got so back it was hard for me to breathe.

tourists leaving their marks on our fishtails :))

The Waterfront Music Fest was organized specially to compliment the Rainforest World Music Festival that is on its second day today at the Sarawak Cultural Village. Local artistes young and not showcased their music and singing. We had Ezra playing the sape, International Award Winning Tuku Kame (google them up), Gamelan, Asia Beat (fusion), A.B.U. (Jazz, Instrumental pop) and lots more. WMF is for you to enjoy for 3 consecutive nights at the Kuching Waterfront.

Unlike the RWMF, the WMF is free for public and we are looking forward to do another one next year and hopefully to have it annually.. right before the RWMF. Make a date with WMF next year and I'll see ya'll there! 


Wan Sharif said...

Maybe you should use the technique of putting all /most weight on one foot then switch the weight to the other foot .. then on both feet..
Just trying to help...

Ida Athanazir said...

thanx so much for the tip..

but i was on my feet for hours.. even if i did so, the backache would still came knocking. And i would look like a flamingo switching foot alternately :p

Gallivanter said...

Waterfront music fest ey? I'll see if I can make it to that one as I've been skipping the Sarawak event for a few years now...and since my wife's Sabahan, should be an easier decision to go.

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