Sunday, July 18, 2010

Go Go Go!

A few shifts were for me to fill last few weeks at the info counter… Not much fun sittin’ there but good in a way we assist shoppers/tourists to find their way around. The would asked where the bookstore is, money changers, spa, manicurist, pharmacy, toilet, supermarket, wine, the embassies, books on Borneo, maps, food, 'the-shirt-i-saw-someone-wore' (???), more food, camera films, food, sports wear..... I am happy to give them directions. Sayang asked this morning before I went to the shopping complex for a morning shift... "Anyone asked for your number kah Dek?" Jealous lah yaaa...  ;)

Sitting there, it’s like watching the world go by.. so to speak. Tenants' Taukeh Neoh (ladies shops owners) would pass by from time to time. One of them is the gorgeous Mdm T, she owns the popular hair salon in town and located on the Level 1 of our shopping complex.

Whenever I caught her walking by, she always reminds me of the way I walk. Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast Go Go Go Go Go! *tik tok tik tok tikt tok tik tok* ~ the sound of my hush puppies. Hmmm….. no wonder her business is doing well.

My boss commented a few times, "Ida.. could you slow it down a bit.. You are like a bullet train!" No, not my walking ... she was commenting on my talking. And she also said that it shows I'm the type of Get It Done Done Done! Yeap, I might just annoy you with my 'checklist mode'. But I don't like things last minute, who does?? I want it NOW!

I walk fast, whenever I need to… especially when I’m on the work-mode. My x-boss is one of those people who gets work done on time and that is why her zone is making millions of sales. One time, I walked side by side with her, ya’ll, I walk fast, okay...? But she disappeared from my view within minutes around the corner a hundred meters away. I thought I could catch up with her.

It does not mean if you move slow (literally) that you are incompetent… Just that through my experiences, people who move fast fast fast always get work done on time, in time and they usually have room for last minute changes.

Having the Go Go Go attitude actually got me the current job and the one before this. My employers (& the ‘x-employer) noticed this in me and gave me the opportunity to earn better living. Syukur Alhamdulillah…

But I am tired now, been working nonstop 2weeks now and my last day off was July the 4th…. I think, if I suddenly take couple of days off, sure I’m gonna get ‘it’. Then, I’d be Down Down Down! ;P

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Anonymous said...

Kak, lain kali pakai kereta porsche, lagi laju. ;D

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