Thursday, July 29, 2010

200th Post ~ I love my job :)

turquoise nails by Seri... we were sitting at a diner last night. while waiting for food to arrive, Seri asked me, "mama, I'm bored.. I want to do your nails..."

I have reached my 200th posts, yeayyyyy!! *clap clap clap* "Thank you, thank you all." 

Been thinking what to write....... a lot actually. Too many but time has been so precious I used most of my waking hours for kids, work, sleep and sayang. I used to write late at night but nowadays my brain just won't function as normal as I need it for the sake of my blog. By 8pm or 9pm, you can say bye bye to me already... even sayang gets frustrated at times seeing his sleepy-not-tonight-face wife. I'm trying my best.. yes, I AM. Had to force myself doing the laundry few nights ago because I was feeling so damn exhausted.

my corner

I'd sit in front of the computer for hours in a day and been working with no off day for the past couple of weeks... But it's been fun though, my job I mean. Organizing events is no funny business, when the contest/activity is on, there is no room for oooopppss, errors, oh-I-forgot!, everything has to be PERFECT. People are looking, watching your every move... Smile...... smile, just don't ever forget to smile :))  *senyum melerettttt...* Hickups?? Must be settled within minutes! Very stressful but no choice, shall be settled.

So, before any events, I'd eat a huge breakfast. One of my favorites is the McDonald's Big Breakfast. Or, I'll just scramble 2 eggs (in healthy olive oil), gulp them down with a slice of buttered bread and a hot cup of Nescafe. That will get me through the day, usually till 6 or 7pm, of course I'll only take some water till my next meal (dinner). 


Sayang would butter the pancakes and divide the eggs & chicken for the two of us while I mix our 2 coffees with 5 creamer+3 sugar each :) nyummm.... Love McDonald's!! *there, my coffee is half way done with the creamer still floating while I took this photo*

I have been organizing events for over a year now and things just get better! Most of my events start at 2pm, I'd come in the morning to do the final preparations and registrations will start at 1pm. Food & drink are usually the last thing on my mind... I just want to get the events over and done with, successfully!


...... My reward after any event is a special dinner with my loved ones. But I'd be too tired to enjoy it 100%, mentally drained out. Nevertheless happy with the success of my event. I love my job :)) The best part is when your boss comments, "Good Job! Well done Ida.." :')

random photo with my significant other <3


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Wan Sharif said...

Do manage your time well.. to ensure ahli keluarga terasa ianya di hargai..

Anonymous said...

Nice earrings by qacaq :)

Kenny De said...

best sis.. mun da event need extra entertainment do consider me n haizul jwak..hehe

Mas said...

Kakak suka biru turquoise ya? Happy blogging.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

HeLLo Ida,

I guess no matter how tired we are in doing our job, we need to love it to stay to it. Like me, I just to change my job and now I'm settling down. No more job hoping. Hahaha!

You organise event? Hotel? BCCK?

Ida Athanazir said...

Willie, yes, at the local shopping malls. But i work with a company.

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