Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Overwhelmed Overworked

Once an ex-colleague commented to me, "You have a big event coming up, right?... Why you look so........... 'calm'...?" 

I would get this effect when I am overloaded with work with millions of things on my mind. Working on the computer non-stop with three phones ringing at once (sometimes) is so very overwhelming. True, I'd get overwhelmed and wouldn't know where to begin.

Turned on the computer, get my much needed cup of morning coffee and prepared quaker oats for breakfast.. that would get me through the day. And I would usually skip lunch. The toughest yet was Dec last year... Thank god the kids were on a long school holidays so the elder ones would make lunch for everyone. I didn't think much about food, so you can imagine how malnourished I was :p

Yeap, I had millions of things to do for a big year end event... not to mention the boss's request to do a 2 day dateline project. "Can you get it done and collect by tomorrow..?"
"Sure boss." Then I'd spend the rest of my precious hours running around trying to fulfill the request. I didn't mind it, there was no one else around to assist the boss. Though much later I was told I didn't know how to manage my time wisely... Still, that was fine. I gained a lot of experiences.

So, at one point, I'd get too overwhelmed and I would start to 'slow down' and that ain't good. I was already by the edge, a bit more.. I'd fall off the cliff. So, I started at the beginning, one thing at a time. One hour at a time, one day at a time.. If I look busy, that is good. But if I don't look busy, that is not good.. because I was actually crazy busy, they say I should look 'kamboh' but I didn't. Hours gone by like a breeze, not a life I like to live. But I managed to organize things together, tough but everything (well, almost) went as planned. I did feel I was overworked. Not something you want to practice everyday... It literally suck the life out of you.

A friend recommended that I take this supplement.. it helps meet the busy person's daily dietary requirements. Means that it prevents you from falling off the cliff :))

I wouldn't go back there though. I do not know how I managed things; kids, work, household chores, big school exams, chauffeuring kids to tuition classes... And I was the only parent around, trying so hard to juggle time. Being patient was the only thing left to do and of course, being grateful.

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Wan Sharif said...

Banyak kerja di ofis is ways much better than tak ada kerja langsung for days on end.. itu dari pengalaman saya ajer..he,he

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