Thursday, June 24, 2010

Goodbye In Advance

I experienced lots of joy today.. Darling friend Izan is like a younger sis to me and she has always been one of my most thoughtful friends. Unselfish, helpful and always there whenever you need a friend. 

happy birthday in advance!

I've known Izan since 2002. We met while working together at MSB.. yeah, she's still there, as one of the directors as a matter of fact! We keep in touch and go out to catch up on stuffs whenever we can. I will never forget the day she called and told me her mom had to be admitted because they just discovered she had stage 3 cancer. She was crying on the phone while driving on her way back home to pack her mom's clothes. I held my tears in and tried calming her down.

That moment I had such an incredible all-mixed emotions.. happy and sad. I just received a call from Ayu (she was 12 then) telling me she scored straight As in her UPSR. I was so happy and proud beyond words. And I was still enjoying that joyful moment every mom long for when Izan called.

After I hung up, I called sayang, just had to tell him. Once I heard his voice at the other end, I started crying my eye balls out. "Sayang.... Izan just told me her mom is very sick.." ....between heavy sobs. I felt so sorry for her and her dear mom. Hjh Fatimah was a wonderful person, kind and very warm. She passed on less than 6 months after her diagnosis... And she was so lucky to have a daughter like Izan.

Izan called earlier today and asked me to meet her at Everybread after work. I sat down next to her, we salam and do the cheek-to-cheek hello. Few minutes into chit chatting and after ordering a soya bean, Marina came out with a cake full of lighted candles and everyone was singing happy birthday! I turned to my back and was wondering who the cake was meant for and had a weird feeling that the cake was for me and it WAS coming towards me! What a lovely surprise! Tq Izan :))

OMG! The topping was bitter sweet choc! Nyummmm!!!

My birthday is still two days away.. Izan is flying to KL tomorrow and she wanted to give me my birthday gifts before she flies off. Honestly was so speechless and I could only say thank you to my dear sis Izan. I've had only less than 5 birthday cakes my whole life.. Yup, quite a rare thing for me. I discourage my husband from buying me cakes, might as well buy the whole family a memorable dinner on my birthday, I have told him. But for the kids.. I MUST get them their birthday cakes, no excuses.

 latest birthdays in the family.. 
Above Ayu's (17th June) & below, Seri's (23rd May)

A dear friend text earlier today and suggests I should DO feature writing.. She said my writing is good. Aaawwwwww... That really made my day! And she is a writer.. does not just write any chekai reading material okayyyyyy, but a well established magazine. Wahhhh.. angkat bakol weiiii!! :)) Of course who wouldn't feel excited and proud if you got a super positive comment on your blog, and coming from a writer some more!! It felt like I was showered with joy.

My joy also comes with sadness today, I learned that a friend had passed on earlier this morning... Her kids and mine are cousins. She was very beautiful, still so young and such a sweet person. We sometimes bumped into her and her kids at the local shopping mall, her younger girl (a primary schooler) was always clinging to her... We weren't that close, but I can't stop thinking of the last few times I saw her, the last time I chatted with her and the last time I said goodbye to her.

Suriana Butler, semoga rohmu dicucuri rahmat dan selamat sejahtera serta ditempatkan di samping orang-orang yang beriman, InsyaAllah.. .. Al-Fatihah.

Feel so sad for her young children. The eldest is sitting for her PMR in few months.. and I can't even imagine how the younger ones are holding up, I know they were very close to their mom. Ya Allah, give them strength to move on.. aminnn. Goodbye Sue.


f.i.e.z.a said...

senang jak igt bday ktk sis.sama bday ngan nieza hehe.
kita sama cancerians la ooo

al fatihah to ur fren sis.

Anonymous said...

Al fatihah, sabar sis.

Wan Sharif said...

Happy birthday to you Ida..
Semuga kedatangan tarikh lahir mendekatkan Ida dengan Yang Maha Pencipta..

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