Thursday, June 10, 2010

Everybread I Take

"Mama, you've eaten?" Hani asked as soon as I got in the car this evening, on our back home from my office. "No.. I've not eaten. Why you asked girl?"

"You look bloated mom...!" Hani replied.

"THANKS a lot girl!" I snapped, with a smile. Oh dear.. I really have to watch what I eat, I could really feel I'm putting on weight. My pants are telling me I should watch my food intake. Haven't been eating unnecessarily but I am lack of exercise to be definite. Bukan lack agik, nang sik ada langsong exercise...! Must change! Must change.. !! If not, later too late ahh... jadi balloon.. NO!!

I am cutting down on bread and rice, I am trying ... If I do have them, I would only take half the bun/bread or just have a few spoon fulls of rice. A girl gotta eat la friend, aiyo........

With EVERYBREAD just literally round the corner, I'm gonna have a hard time cutting down on carbs and sweets now for sure. We are lucky we have this little boutique cafe recently opened to customers... The pastries are incredible! mmmmmm..... don't know how else to describe la geng! They have hotel quality cakes & ├ęclair! Reasonable pricing with super cool dining experience and the deco is so tastefully done :)) A Must Try.

No, the chef wasn't posing for me.. He just happened to be standing there, analyzing the amount of bread and pastries on the shelves (I guess). This is no chekai chef, I was told. Skills & impressive experience from elite hotels.. oooooo... :)  No need story long, Must Try. As you can see from the above photo, the deco is not completed yet. They will have their grand opening soon and by then, the walls will be filled with more decos.

Me & my colleague had breakfast nearby the cafe this morning and on our way back to the office we noticed that the new shop that's been under construction for few weeks has open its door to customers. Everybread had a soft opening just last week and I love the place!! Not to mention the cakes & pastries. Just simply yummy! 

We sat with the owners for almost an hour chatting and telling them how happy we are of their existance! I basically interviewed them and even asked how and when they actually started with the idea of opening a boutique cafe.

So exciting.. can't wait to show sayang the place.

actually, the cakes and pastries aren't too sweet, yet they taste great and the cream is super rich but not overwhelmingly filling

EVERYBREAD is a cool chic cafe and you can find it just behind the 
Sarawak Plaza/Centre Point Kuching.


Wan Sharif said...

Take care.. growing sidewideway should not be an option.. cakap senang lah..he,he

Anonymous said...

Cool lah kak! New place to lepak and makan :). Thank you for the info.

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Ida, love your lively humour, and your kid's expression, ha ha.
Nice pics too.
By the way, try drinking Chinese green tea after your meals, as well few cups a day.....tea cuts out oil in our body, as well body fats if any.
You if not already done so, will feel a glow after taking or drinking it....
You have a pleasant weekend and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

Ida Athanazir said...

thanx all..

you all keep blogging :)

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