Thursday, June 3, 2010

Damai Beach Resort

The past one week has been a very exciting time for me and my family. For me, seeing the kids enjoyed themselves has been the most rewarding. It's been awhile since I take time off from work, I mean really take time off and enjoy nature and quality time with my kids & darling hubby.





The Gorgeous Nature

Usually I would avoid the sun but this time, I embraced it. Well, not wholly.. I'd get in the sun on and off but didn't mind sitting by the poolside under the minimal shade. Hitam pun hitam lahh... :))  I really enjoyed everything, the pool, the sea water, the sand, the sun, the food!!

When the kids were growing up, we went to resorts quite a number of times but mostly I had to stay out of the water because I was baby sitting or simply because I was heavily pregnant. This time we all jumped in the pool and I didn't have to rush back to dry land to breastfeed a hungry baby! Or tending to a crying toddler in the stroller. 

We didn't plan for this little vacation, only decided to book a room five days before the checking in date. You know, there are four growing women in the family and it ain't easy having all of us period-free and at a perfect weekend. I checked with each of my girls.. "Are you clear?? You.. when will you be clear..?"

If any one of us was bleeding, I would just rather have all of us stay home and watch movies during that weekend. It wouldn't be fun if one of the girls had to stand by the pool or beach just watching the others have fun the the water.

It was a 3 days & 2 nights of fun, our room was just by the pool side.. something I specifically requested.  

I can't wait to bring the kids back here at .. Damai Beach Resort


kal jis (im not carl zeiss) said...

nang meriahlah pemili ktk eh.. best oh dpt cuti kedak ktk.. :)

Anonymous said...

tq for the info on damai beach.

Wan Sharif said...

Wow that's nice..enjoying the quality time with the family.. envy envy gilak tu..
Merapatkan yang renggang.. masa ni ajer depa mau dengan kita.. so enjoy it ..

Mia's Mom said...

Salam Ida :-D

Yeap! You deserved a good break! :-D Glad you have a great time! Been there before. Aaah.... such a beautiful place, huh?

Happy Weekends :-D

Ida Athanazir said...

Mia's mom.. tq. yeah, gorgeous place isnt it.. im planning to go again. Just the 2 of us :))

Wan.. tq. Kalau ke sarawak must check out the beach

Kal.. best. tapi nggak dapat cuti sekali sekala but enjoy abis!

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