Saturday, June 26, 2010

37 today

Athanazir MK ...Happy Birthday Sayang, hope you enjoy 'the Present'

Ayu Zulaika Athanazir Yo Mom!! Hahhahaha, HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYY =)) May God bless you Mom and all your wishes come true. You're 37 already and it's not that old, really. And to me, you've always been young inside out + getting even more mature each and every day. I'll be going to uitm to pursue my dreams Ma, jgn nakal2 yer, hehe ;) I you Mom! Despite everything we've been through in our lives, everything is still in its place, alhamdulillah. Bye Mom, LOVE YOU! =DD ♥♥

Elita Amin happy birthday!!!

Viviena Teng Happy birthday to both of you. wishing u happiness, wealth, health and love yeah!

Mordiah Kadir Hello dear.....happy birthday 2 u.. semoga panjang umur, sentiasa sihat, d murahkan rezeki dan hidup bahagia bersama keluarga tersayang.....

Irma Osman Happy Birthday Ida ... may you be blessed with all that your heart desires ... muuaahhh ...

Kasmini Kasim : Happy Birthday aunty ida :)

Aidiel Shafiq happy birthday kak ida!

Alyaa Zahirah Ali happy birthday aunty. =)

Asma Jalalyna Zidane Happy Birthday Kak Ida... Have a blast k...

Salsabila Kamel happy birthday aunty ! :D smoga panjang umor :)

Syikin Razak happy bday aunty!! :)

Dayang Hetty Ruzaini AUNTY,HAPPY BDAY

Shamila Hamsah Happy life Happy love Happy health and Happy birthday Hot Mama!

Mona Ismail Happy birthday Ida, have a great day today...

happy birtday aunty Ida!!! =)

Farhana Ajla'a Alz Bakri Happy birthday hot mama!!!!Semoga aunty sekeluarga sentiasa sihat, dimurahkan rezeki, d jauhkan dpd bala dan masalah, di panjangkan umur, dipermudahkan urusan di dunia dan di akhirat and sentiasa hot! =) Amin... Happy birthday aunty!!!!!!

Zakaria Ibrahim happy bday to you and Ina...have a pleasant weekend

YattyBon MaZa happy birthday n happy always..

Johanawati Johen hapy besday 2 u ..semoga bahagia selalu bersama family tersayang

Evelyn Talim Happy Birthday to you Ida....Enjoy!!!

Alin Jaya happy bday sis.. :)

Nur Diyana Happy Birthday Kak Ida!!

Haizul Azmi happy birthday kak ida...

Shah Abang Halil happy birthday Kak Ida!

Sessie Lennon happy birthday!!!!

Fizah Narawi Happy Birthday Ida...May Allah bless you :))

Abdul Hafiz Zainalabidin happy birthday to aunty Ida Athanazir, may all your wishes come true, semoga panjang umur n murah rezeki.. have a blast n god bless u aunty, amin..

Jacqueline Atiqah David Happy Birthday Sulu.....have a great one, and many happy returns!! Muaaaahhhh...

Amla Kamal HAPPY BIRTHDAY IDA... sib baik kmk sik saruk this time hahhahahha.. May u have a bless life ahead of u (ucapan sama to INA)

Mohammad Fahree Abdul Aziz hepi befday kak ida

Diana Marzuki happy birthday, happiness always.

Aminah Brahim Happy birthdah Ida,may God bless U always,dr Mak Hjh.......

حنيفة Hanim MaZa Happy brithday babe...May Allah SWT blessed u with abundance of happiness, love, good health and wealth. mmmmmmmmmmmmuack!!

Rossella Ameena Ismail Happy birthday Ida!!!! Hope you will have a funtastic day with your family... ~hugs~

happy birthday darling! i know she's off this morning, can cry but not too much ok
love you both!!!!!!
Happy Birthday! Bila Belanja makan KFC?
Happy bdaaaayyyy darling sis! :)
hepi besday, ida
Happy Birthday Kak Ida..
Happy birthday, Ida. Many happy returns to you and all the best to Ayu.
idaaaaaaaaaa.. epi beideiiiiiiiiii dear.. *hugs*
Happy happy birthday dear!! Didoakan panjang umur, sentiasa sihat n murah rezeki....
happy birthday Ida... 37 kah 27 ya?
Happy Birthday! So this is the day that Ayu is off to college. Congrats to her and both of the parents.

Dzuren Hamzah Happy Birthday dear with many, many more to come!

Maria Ayang happy birthday Ida.

Marnisa Merickans Happy bday kak ida..moga ktk juak diberkati Allah in everything u do..

Embah Johar Happy birthday Ida and May Allah Bless You ALways

Doc M Alhady Happy Birthday Ida. Semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki, sihat walafiat & sentiasa disayangi selalu. Have a great one cuz.

Eyesya Ghanie hapi birthday cuz...

Masz Ibrahim Hepi birthdayto you my dear friend, hope whatever U do always success ya!

Dewi Hamden Happy birthday dear, all the best to the years ahead.

Nieza A. Wahab happy birthday, kak ida! may God bless u! :)

Dyg Yasmin Yassin Happy Birthday Kak Ida, and to Kak Ina too!!Wish both of u all the best, LoveS, hugs kisses!!!!!muahhhhhhh!!! stay healthy and pretty!I adore you!

Steven Heng ~~ Happy Birthday to You & Smile every day ~~

Valerie Michelle Its your birthday .....time for me to wishes the most successful, loving person I known a very Happy birthday...very far from you but enjoy your enthusiatic attitude in fb.....have fun girl....

Siti Hazariah Hamzah salam...hepi birthday..........ceria2 selalu....

Mohammad Afif Happy Birthday K.Ida!

Shukri Mortadza Heppi Besday....Semoga panjang umo, murah rejki....amiiiiiiiin.....

Roslina Rashid Geng... hppy b'day..... xda plan 2 have no.5.... hahaha umah ya dah kirang sorg ya ari tok...

Es Zulkarnaen Ismawy happy birthday....may the force be with you

Siti Wan Yusof Happy birthday!!! Hope you''ll get spoilt rotten by darling hubby and kids!

Cynthia Show Happy Birthday~~
Wish u all the best & happy always ^^

Gajuice Nar **Happy Birthday Kak Ida...**

Iman Ahmad Tajudin happy bday kak ida..

Rubiah Yusuf Happy Birthday!! Have a great day and year ahead!

Haironi Benjamin Happy Birthday Ida......and also Ina......Semoga panjang umur dan di murahkan rezeki...sik ada present tok.....mmmmmmuuuahhhh ajak k!

Louis Bong L W Happy birthday sweetheart...pretty forever. :D

Myza Husni Happy Bday Kak Ida!! xoxo

Dayang Kasma Abang Hadari Happy Birthday, dear.....

Trepheo N Allan happy birthday & congratulations on Ayu's Admission to U ... many happy returns of de day n wishing it to be a wonderful year for u !!! hugs & kisses !!! luv u !!! mmmuuaaahsss !!!

Nur Angelina T A Happy Birthday, gorgeous!

Silver Moon happy birthday...sweetie..:-)

Sal Abdullah HapPY BiRThDaY To mY VeRY GoOD FRieND, IdA....hve a great time...luv u always...Hugs & Kisses

Yatie NoeNoe Saedy Kls happy bday kak ida :D

Dyg Sharina Jaya Happy Birthday Ida!!!!! Wishing you all the fun and excitement that only birthdays can bring..... Have a blast and may ALLAH bless you.... ~ smile ~ :)))

Jezamyn Abdul Ghafur  a very happy birthday to Ida Athanazir

Maureen Brangking selamat ulang tahun ida sayang...muahhh

Sereni Linggi happy birthday ida! xoxo

Izzah Atira happy birthday wa ida !! :)

Syazwina Abu Hassan Happy birthday aunty! May god bless you :)

Adz Hadzmy Happy birthday aunty ida :D

Zelda Raha Sulaiman happy birthday ida..may u be blessed with good health, wealth and lotsalotsa love.. take care..

Nur Shaqeenah Happy Birthday Kak Ida! may god bless you n have a blast! :D

Grace Balan-Law Happy Birthday Ida!

Habsah Drahman Habsah Drahman: Selamat Hari Lahir Ke ......... Semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki

Maswani Daud happy birthday my fren. hope u'll always happy....LOL

Zarina Abd Rahman happy bday cuz! may u have a wonderful n healthy year. may Allah bless u n ur family! :)

Zechary Jamali Happy birthday Kak Ida :)

Loerra Muessar happy birthday with all good wishes:))

Whati Mohri happy bestday dear!! wish u all the best!!

Dayang Nur Jazlyn happy birthday aunty
may Allah bless you n have a blast! :)

Linda Osman Happy bday Ida... Have fun :)

Jesmine Jamali Happy Birthday!!! :)

Yushef Tzee Happy Birthday my old friend (kawan lama... no innuendos...) :). May Allah always look after you and your family. Amin.

... as of 7:43 pm today :))


AmirFX said...

Hepi besday kak ida.! Semuga panjang umur murah rezki....

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday kak. Wah! Mesti enjoy dan meriah. :D

[z@ck] said...

Happy Birthday sis!
moga dipanjangkan umur, murah rezeki..
maintain hot ye

Ms Tikot said...

Happy Besday Kak Ida...

Polly said...

Happy Birthday to u!! all the best!!

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Happy bIrthday to you!

DrSam said...

Happy belated birthday to you! I wish all your dreams come true in years to come...

mummysyafie said...

Happy Birthday Sis...

Ida Athanazir said...

thank you! thank you!! such great and supportive fellow bloggers... :)

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