Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Piles of Mails & Love

"Ida, you got my invite to my brother's wedding reception??"

"Ahh..? What invite Ani?"

My dearest friend Noraini called yesterday and asked if I am attending her brother's wedding reception next Saturday the 22nd. I have not seen the invitation card, because I have not opened any of my mails... Seriously, I have not done it since... since, since....... Bila ahh??!

Well... honest truth. I have not opened any of my mails, it's been years. Yup! I know I should but I just haven't gotten the energy lately ( 'lately' stands for yearssss.. ngeh ngeh ngeh...). I admit, this is bad for me. Very very bad, Ani need an RSVP, so Ani dear, I am attending with my dear hubby. 2 seats for me please.

I told her I only open emails, not snail mails... "Ngegeh kitak ya!!" She shot at me.

Usually sayang would open my mails but, he's also been so busy lately. There you go..... piles and piles of unopened mails, invites, bills, magazines, bank statements... 

"I put it inside your mailbox last Friday.. I went with my mom Ida! I hope it's your house." Ani added.. poor thing. I would have to dig through my mails once I get home today, or, once I have the chance.. whenn ahh....???? Nope, you don't want to see my nails, I mean, my mails.

I asked sayang awhile ago, "When are you gonna write love letters sayang..?"

He answered, "I will send you an email sayang.. "

"I don't want emails. I want letters written by you." I insisted. 

No.. he has not written, too busy itu orang. What matters most is that I Know He Loves Me, Piles of Love :))


n i e z a said...

mesti best dpt love letters once in a while o. rindok ati maca balit bila dh tua klak. :)

AmirFX said...

Zaman nulis surat cinta nang best lah... Kadang2 rindu juak nak molah cemya balit.... haha...

nc said...

that is sweet.. 'piles of love'

hehe..its very hard for men to write love letters..haha..ur hubby emails the love letter..thats wonderful..
lets spread the love.. hehe

Anonymous said...

awwwww..... so sweet lah kak. Now zaman tech & IT. Pen sudah tidak laku.

Ida Athanazir said...

nieza.. bg athan byk berik kmk love letters dolok masa kmk duak begerek. hee hee.. ada mek simpan, maok korek. ya lah, I want to get the letters and upload photos in my blog

amir.. posman nang jadi geng kmk dolok . dlm seminggu at least ada duak kali surat surat datang :)

nc.. nowadays his love letters are his reports .. LOL

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