Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Miss FITNESS Sarawak Plaza 2010

Organized a Miss Fair & Lovely subsidiary title Miss FITNESS Sarawak Plaza 2010 last Saturday, 22.5.2010. Gorgeous Hanie Syahfira won and she also happens to be my 18 year old niece :)) 

I have been so crazy busy lately and just realized that I've not posted anything in my blog for the past over one week now! Sorry blog dear.. Now I give you pretty pretty ladies to give a 'beautiful picture' for readers.

the super bz me, check list, notes, reminders in my hands :)

Lucky Hanie Syahfira was selected as the winner and Aniscia was crowned the runner up. I had so much fun organizing the event, it was my first beauty pageant. I've still a lot to learn but my boss was pleased that everything went smooth.

Before the event, while others had their make up  and hair done, Hanie, Mumu & me posed for a friend of mine who had an SLR with her on the upper ground of the shopping complex

Hanie (far left) & Mumu (second from right) were Ayu's primary school ex schoolmates. Hanie & Ayu are also second cousins.

... been awhile since they last saw one another :))

One for the album, me, my boss, sponsors and the 14 
Miss Fair & Lovely WHF 2010 finalists.

I drafted something last week for the blog but just couldn't find time to finish it. But these photos had to come out today, if not takut basi kelak !! ;p Night time I'd be too tired to write, dear oh dear... I'm just getting older, I guess. Hmmm.... 

Couple more posts I'd hit the "200 post"! I've written so much the past one and half years. I'd go back to my posts sometimes and wondered how I managed to write the things I've written. Ya lah.. I am a bit proud of myself, I mean, writing is something so 'intelligent' to do but I find that you need not to be super genius to put words together just to be able to express how you feel.

Well, I've to stop here for now. Would have to get back to that little draft soon.. :))


Anonymous said...

Nama Hanie semanis mukanya.

Wan Sharif said...

As time goes by.. if you boss like what you are doing.. you will get higher responsibilities (maybe higher salary too). That may be the reason why people take higher responsibilities only on things that they like/love to do.. Can see that you enjoy what you are doing here..have a good day (night)

AmirFX said...

Wow! What a beautifullllll picca... Haha.. Kacak2 jak sidaknya... Ada nak single sik? hehe...

Ida Athanazir said...

yes, i do enjoy what i do, a bit stressful at times but mostly okay.

semua single mingle :))

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