Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Enjoying Zero Balance

The smartest thing to do is to look for a new job before quitting your current one. Yes, you ARE confident of your capabilities and the experiences you've gained throughout the years working. But, the company you are targeting do not know you, you are just one of those people trying to get a job......... You resigned anyway, so confident that you will find a new job soon. 

Months gone by, your mom keep nagging when you are gonna start working again. Of course she's worried, she is your mother.

queuing for a walk in interview 

Good offer doesn't come by easily nowadays. Good offer means... more pay, less working hours, more pay, more pay, more pay, and more pay. Unless you are extremely lucky, you might just get what you want. Lucky means when people approach you and offer you a job. Nope, that does not happen often. 

Then maybe there're vacancies which pay RM1,000 a month... much lesser that you expected. What do you say.....?

"No lah, too little. If RM1,300 okay lah!" 

Readers, I ask you. You are jobless for couple of months already, no pay for the last couple of months, zero balance in your savings account. Still say NO to RM1,000?? Well, if you are comfortable with your 'holiday', by all means... enjoy yourself. For me, I'd rather earn that RM1,000 while looking for a better offer. WHILE WAITING FOR A BETTER OFFER.

There are degree holders and PhD graduates with no jobs. Always they are told "overqualified". If you are qualified, with minimum qualification... you are required to do two jobs at one time; admin cum accounts assistants for instance. That is if you are lucky to get an offer. Still, papers do not mean you will secure a job after one interview.

One time, I was jobless, I told myself even if the pay is just RM1,000 (RM800++ net), I will take it. At least my child gets to go to a quality kindergarten. I got the job... My salary was only enough for the kids' expenses, not much left for me. But with patience and dedication to my work, I am rewarded with much much better offer. Alhamdulillah.... rezeki my kids. And don't forget to be grateful of your current job, be sure to do your work sincerely. 

God is great.. 

One person I know was waiting for a call for a better offer from Company A, while still working with Company X, he was complaining non-stop of his work load and saying how he does not give a damn of his tasks. Then a fellow colleague advised him to be patient and try to be grateful of his current job because that is the job which pays for his family's daily meals and pays his bills. 

He felt remorse, it showed in his face. And at that instance, a call from Company A came in.. That was not the only story I heard, I've experienced it myself. Not the not-feeling-grateful part... But while I was with the RM1,0000 salary job, I made sure I did my job well and all that I did was for the best of the company, which pays my salary. And of course not expecting  anything in return, I was not even looking for jobs elsewhere. And indeed, in the end, I got rewarded handsomely. God is great, He will reward your patience and sincerity. 

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f.i.e.z.a said...

tell u sis kmk after grad in 2004 kmk dapat keja knektok in 2007.about 3 yrs without a job.3thn ya mek ada amik kursus sia sitok n byk nya masa nang dbuang d umah la nang goyang kaki nendak ada FAMA merik duit.haha
pasya mek keja temporary kat petrosains w dinotrek nok kat muzium dlok.i earned rm40 perday.daily paid la.dapat la rm800++ nett
then mek mintak keja ctok dapat la more than dat nang rindoookkk ada gaji cecah ribu masa ya n nang bersukooorrr eh..xpat mek cerita hepinya kmk masa ya.
kmk bkn pileh keja sis masa ya tp nasib mek sikda.mek penah keja pizza junction n company kecik2 juak dlok yg gaji hanya la 600 sebln.
n now mmg sukorr.alhamdulilah :)

Ida Athanazir said...

yup.. kita patut syukor.

ada orang nang sik ada kerja and gaji. Kecik gaji pun better than nothing right??

but, we always must not quit mencoba. And a lot of usaha akan membawa berkat, I believe that :))

Wan Sharif said...

The grass is always greener...
Jangan cepat buat keputusan nak berhenti kerja.. jangan dengan hasutan orang suruh berhenti kerja.. kelak kita juga yang merana..
Itu dari pengalaman keluarga saya, kawan kawan saya dan saya sendiri

Ida Athanazir said...

bila kita merana.. tak ada orang nak tolong.

poket kosong, hutang bertimbun, hati sakit, kepala pusing and no friend :/

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