Saturday, April 24, 2010

Understanding Our Pain

The most uncomfortable time of the month, for most women. We are moody at this time of the month because we feel messy, heaty, highly uncomfortable and in pain... menstrual cycle.

I try to stay calm or I'll snap at everyone. I would get all sorts of pain before my period starts... throbbing headache (nope! panadol doesn't really work), stiff neck, flushes... Yes, you can actually control yourself and not be angry at the situation that I DO wait to come monthly. Yup, it is no fun having my period but it's kinda a relief for me, at least. It means that I am not pregnant.

My first day is the worst, sometimes it would continue to the second day. Stomach cramps & discomforts, headaches, pain in my legs and I would feel heaty all over. Not a party! Don't try to mess with me during this time. To stay sane and civil, I will try to be calm and avoid starting to make a big fuss out of nothing. So, I'd be very quiet, just do the usual housework alone (not engaging anyone to help because if I start asking for help, I'd start to be agitated) and stay away from people, for awhile.

Men would say, "Hah..! It  must be that time of the month....."

'I'm being too melodramatic...'

Eh!! You try sampling the discomfort...!!? Having to bleed non stop and wear the sanitary pads around the clock and get rashes half the time! It's a mess and believe me, you won't like it darling. And that reminds me of the confinement period. Wow weeee.. All that messiness and the cut! Ouch...!

So, guys, please lah.. A little bit of understanding and a back rub would be nice. Some of us  women have zero 'difficulties' going through the menstrual cycle like as if the sky is always blue and clear. Some have to take medical leaves because the period pain is taking over their lives. Hmmmm... sounds too melodramatic, doesn't it? 
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DrSam said...

I've seen many symptoms you described increasingly associated with men as well, especially the bosses! Anyway, thank you for sharing a glimpse of what woman's actually feel during that special time of the month. Men got the itch too because they have to 'puasa' during that time :)


Dear, still having pain thou u have children already? mmmm try minum soya everyday or choose to drink soya so that when period it prepare ur body with hormon that u lacking of.

Wan Sharif said...

Thank you for sharing..

Sheila said...

I've been having the same symptoms..try taking 'majum/majun'.. my period pain gone since i started consuming it..

Anonymous said...

uuhhhh!! That time of the month. Tak suka laaaaa

Ida Athanazir said...

Doc.. very funny :)

Amizonema.. wow, thanx for the tip! i am taking supplements now. Dont feel as bad like before

Wan.. u'r welcome

Sheila.. majun a panas kan? i will try though, thanx a bunch!

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