Saturday, April 3, 2010

Race For The 10L Bottle

"Mama, we are running out of shampoo... " I would hear this like every 2-3 weeks. 
"So fast you people use the shampoo?? How you people use it ahh??! You makan kah?"

Ha haa... Well, what to do?? They all have long hair (and a lot!), need care and money! When I was sixteen, I didn't have their kind of luxuries. Yup, I had to wash my hair using soap. I know... my hair was long but macam dawai!

seri & hani


I had to think of something. They have to learn to be more prudent... how to teach these girls?? Then I got a brilliant idea and it is hilarious! To me, at least.

I said to them, "Mama is gonna get each one of you a bottle of shampoo of your own and we are gonna have a race. I'd like to see who finishes her bottle of shampoo the fastest!" 6 pairs (where got 6!!?? 3 pairs lah!!) of eyes widened in horror and shock and they all laughed hysterically. I added, "Only then we know who has been using the shampoo the most and the 'culprit' behind the 'shampoo-eating'."

Oh my god! I couldn't help it, when I went shopping to buy my girls their shampoos, I couldn't stop giggling. I got home and they didn't think I was being serious about buying each of them a bottle until I handed each of them a bottle.

Seri has the longest hair, almost down to her waist already but Ayu has the thickest, I think. Hani's hair is black & thick and she sweats a lot. I notice they all wash their hair everyday, how can they not? Hani & Seri goes to school and when they come back home, the hair is oily and scalps are itchy. 

The 'race' is still on and whenever I see their bottles of shampoo in the washroom, I just can't help but giggle... :))

Hmm... should I give a prize to the winner?? Maybe I should. A bottle of 10 litre shampoo!!? Hee heeh heee. There you go,  that would last you a whole year sayang!

each with a name on it :))

ayu with her Ibanez and rocking hair! :))


Beautiful Stranger said...

hahaha.dah dara2 anak ktk ada jak!!

kira mcm sama umur jak mak dan anak..

Nona said...

Lawak! Nak buat race sape paling tahan simpan rambut panjang >_<

elcynthia 엘신티아 said...

my dad made us bought shampoo with our own pocket money. So everyone budget things... and NO SHARING! hahahha. my dad savde money on non-essential things and mom got easy on doing the shopping for us. but your idea to find the culprit of the "shampoo-eating girl" was plain wicked! hahaha. I like :). and yeah.. I think you shud give the winner a prize

[z@ck] said...

ikal gila rmbut ur daughter..

Anonymous said...

You're right. Look at their hair! HaHa Ha. Want to know who the winner will be.

Ida Athanazir said...

Beautiful Stranger... rindok ati mun sama umur eh! Yalah... dah dara dara semua. Imagine the sanitary pads i have to stock up!! LOL

Nona... my kids semua suka simpan rambut. Papanya encourage :)

Ely... haha, I know, really wicked of me hah??! Ada jual kah 10L shampoo??? hee hee

Zack... Seri's hair if shorter, memang curly a bit. She's the only with curly hair. But i notice Hani's hair also ada baby hair yang curly curly :))

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