Friday, April 30, 2010

MSAM 2010 emcee job

I love this shirt but pity, only wore it once.. 

MSAM 2010 was held at Tempat Letak Kereta Wisma Bapa Malaysia from 20th to 26th April. Sayang was on duty attending to their booth from 10am till 10pm, kesian him... It's okay, it was only for eight days and his KL MD & CEOs were happy with all their work well done.

Me..?? Well, I was excited when I was requested to be an emcee for one of the participating companies one hour segment, to promote the company's products and brand. Yes I was nervous but I definitely had a lot of fun with the sporting crowd. They actually helped a lot making me felt at ease.

The pay was not bad at all.. for a one hour job :))

crowdddd ... crowwdddd!!!

hee hee... promoting the 'helo ad'
cyewahhhh.. pose sandar, pose sideways :)

Usually I do this emcee thing for work which involves lots of events and most of them are contests or competitions. Aiyaaa... Easy one lahhh... talk talk only, what is so hard bout that??! But I have stage fright, I do..! Like seriously, really!!

I agreed to do it last Sunday because of the money and of course the experience of doing it for a corporate event. I wouldn't have done it for free... no no..!! I was telling myself I'd better get over the fear, get on that stage and just DO IT! Annddddd I did, successfully! :))

Talking about fear, I have this one silly little fear I'd like to share with you. It may be little but it has something to do with huge things, metals in particular.

I don't know how to explain it but big metals just give the chills.... If I imagine myself standing next to a super huge metal water tank that probably is like 5 stories high, my feet and legs feel like all funny and very very ticklishly disturbing.

Okay.. you better not make me stand right next to the ship. Even now my feet feel funny by just thinking & looking at it, it's like the ship would just swallow me alive. So, don't try throwing me in the middle of the ocean or river... I would not be screaming for fear of drowning but I actually am more scared of the things I can't see under water and the 'huge' water surrounding me is very very uncomfortable ~_~

And the giant chains.... Oh My Borneo!! So big and scary. I would not touch it!!

Ummmm.... no thanks. I am not gonna touch it or give my back to the giant chain. That would make my back bone go ga ga ... eeehhhhh!!

I know, that is one funny fear. Have no ideas where I got it from. Well, each of us has things that scare us or simply just give us the chills! Like Ayu.. she hates clowns. She thinks they're scary, not humorous at all. I may think that is silly because clowns don't bother me at all. And now you may think I'M silly because I would not go near huge metals. Have you ever known anyone with that kind of fear??


Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

wah...i wanted to go there but it was to far from my house.

You look good in that shirts. Well done for beign the One Nation Emcee!

Wan Sharif said...

You will improve with time as emcee.. it is (very) challenging to start with.. once you master it, you might even enjoy it(and the reward that goes with it). You can even influence the crowd.. supaya mereka lebih berakhlak, lebih berilmu atau apa apa saja yang you mahu.

Anonymous said...

That baju can beli or not Kak?? ;P

Ida Athanazir said...

Willie.. hee he..thanx. I went quite few times, sea of people WOW!! Always crowded.

Wan.. I'm happy with what I did. Managed to gather crowd, like how the company hope for.

tak leh beli, org beri :))

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