Monday, April 12, 2010

A Husband's Needs

"SHE'S SO VAIN.."  ... I would not want someone describing me that way. I was talking to my friend the other day and she commented about a woman we both know. Yeah, we all want to look pretty and stay looking young but if you're too self conscious, it shows.

"She better be careful about spending money like there's no tomorrow... One day the husband would just decide that he's had enough. And when he decides to marry another, she better not ask why! I have seen this thing happen." My friend added.

honey... our washing machine needs servicing. And oh ya! I bought this new dishwasher and it makes the plates go 'squeeekkkk..!' 
Sayang, I think we need new curtains.. 
You know, the front yard bla bla bla........

Fair or not, men sometimes (.. well, most of the time actually) are very hard to predict. What do they really want from us women? Yeah... maybe most of you think they prefer us to be housewives than working women but dear, you are wrong! I had a conversation with a friend couple of weeks ago and she was telling me her guy friend (Mr. Z) took a second wife because he 'cannot' have a conversation with his HOUSEWIFE wife. Apparently the wife has nothing in common to talk to Mr. Z about. The only thing she knows is her chores and their kids. 

Mr. Z needs a partner whom he can talk to about general things other than the household chores. So, the new wife is a career woman and he is happier now! Good for him!! Obviously the 'career woman' wife can give the responses that he needs whenever he strikes up a conversation.

Actually the first wife is a graduate but she decided to stay home FOR the husband. But since she's been a full time housewife (I am a part time housewife ka... ????), she cut herself out from the outside world. Mr. Z even suggested that she joins the NGO, so she can meet other people and make new friends. She refused. Can you blame Mr. Z?? If the wife pays a bit  of attention to the general issues maybe they can have a very happy conversation together. And he married another because he was not happy, I'm sure.

I totally understand Mr. Z's needs. Your spouse is your partner. Not just a partner in bed, but  also your friend, you best friend. Okay.. What do you usually talk with your best friend about?? Everything correct? Make full use of your spouse then.. If you say you don't know what to talk about... You don't know the things that he does at work... Your interests are different... Excuses. In marriage you have to make it work. He likes F1? MotoGP?? Make an effort to enjoy these sport. I am no angel and not a perfect wife either. But I've learned to enjoy these sports.. well, I like MotoGP more than F1 :))

Seems like we wives have to give in most of the time... Well, not really. If we compromise, our husbands would do that too. If both sides give in, compromise... We'll have the happy marriage that we all long for. Like I said, we have to work at it.

And going back to Being Vain... I am sure, no man enjoys watching his wife spending his money like water (konon tekkk...). Yes, because of sayang he will just let you, for awhile... for  a few years.... But when he's had enough, he still sayang but fed up (definition; Unable or unwilling to put up with something any longeralready. Tup tup! "Honey... I'd like a second wife... "    Toucchhhhh Woodddd!!

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f.i.e.z.a said...

i cant imagine how's life being a wife.
just mek doa bahagia dapat anak cantek2 pandei2 n a loyal husband yg beriman.
amin :)

Anonymous said...

setahunya, kebanyakan wanita emang begitu ya. Amatlah pentingkan kecantikan, betul enggak?

Nurul Ain said...

It isn't fair. The wife sacrificed and Mr. Z went to get himself another wife.

nc said...

its hard to be the perfect wife kn.. :) least one can try ;)
great post here

Ida Athanazir said...

nc.. Thanx.

yup, we cannot be D perfect wife. We try to give the best, all the time. That is what make a happy marriage.

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