Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy At McD

This is not good.. Updating my blog only once a week. I must do better than this, and I will. But no doubt, I will be very busy for the next coming weeks, months.. wow. Must put efforts in place, no excuses. NO EXCUSES. I do have a lot to update, but when I feel like it, time just wasn't on my side. And I don't like to do it in rushy rushy, then my grammer would go all over the places.

But off days and after 5 or 6 pm, is family time! And that's a happy time! Last night we all went to one of our favorite places, the Mc Donald's at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Arman loves his Happy Meal

I had the crunchy original fried chicken

Sayang's favorite, the Big Mac!

Semua Besar Besar!!

I noticed they have this screen behind the cashiers and also in the kitchen area. When the cashiers punched in the orders, I think the kitchen got the orders straight away, that is why the food came almost instantly and seldom we need to wait for the food to be sent to our table. That definitely makes a very happy meal for us all. Most of the time I would prefer to have rice (with seafood!) but you know kids laa.. 

Ayu couldn't come with us, like most week nights. So, we got a take-away for her. She is still giving tuition classes (Mod Maths & Add Maths) to her juniors, maybe till mid June. By July, she would already be enrolled in the local U, insyaAllah. I will miss my Ayu.

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Anonymous said...

now feel like Mc D's breakfast.

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