Saturday, March 20, 2010

Egg Not

Joy oh Joy.. ! How long has it been?? Like.. over a week? Wahhhh... so busy me ah?! Wokay, I have so much to blab about.. I mean, to blog.... We start with EGG.

Eggs, mothers cannot live without them. Nothing to cook in the house?? Egg is our savior. A bull's eye with a dash of light soy sauce on a plate of hot rice... answer to your 'don't know what to eat today' misery.

I was making breakfast last week, we had only 5 eggs left in the tray. Sayang wants a bull's eye and Arman preferred them scrambled. Bull's eye done... And I was adding a second egg inside a bowl with one egg already inside. To my dismay, the second egg was rotten and I had to throw away everything.. including my good one egg in the bowl. So, I had only 2 eggs left in the tray but that was for my girls who were still sleeping. Luckily there was still some Nestum cereal left, Arman & Hani had that for breakfast.

Then it got me thinking and wondering and thinking and figuring outing and thinking and concluding that ..... when I was selling nasi lemak years ago, this chinese fella who was the eggs supplier, probably was making extra extra cash selling bad rotten eggs.

Smart...... he was very smart. But I can think la and you know, these kind of things of course you cannot prove. I can only make notes, pay attention to the supplies (eggs), do a little bit of investigation (mentally) and it becomes clear that the egg supplier cheated a bit (bit by bit, long long he makes a lot). Well, if you cheat, you cheat lah!! Not Bit Bit, nope.

If he had, not if.. sure thing one. He definitely had some trays of eggs that were ready to go down the drain. Have you even seen bad bad rotten eggs before??

Okay, to be fair... I story a bit. The one I stumbled upon last week, was not all black and all smelly. It was a bit smelly and the yellow didn't come out in one piece. You can tell, the egg was starting to rot already. But the ones I got from the egg supplier, was badly rotten!! No, not the whole tray... here where he thought he was smart. Among the 30 eggs in one tray, sure thing I had one bad super rotten egg.

I would order for a few trays at once... three or maybe four trays. And in at least one of two trays, sure I will get one super rotten egg. If the egg had just starting to rot, I can accept that it comes from the same tray. But the bad one (almost in every tray) I got was super hitam and the smell... my god!! 

So, my conclusion is; He had a full tray (30eggs) of bad bad rotten eggs. How to sell these eggs, without people noticing he is selling rotten eggs?? (???duh?????!)

Let's say he had one bad tray of eggs, he would take one egg from a good tray and replace it with one bad egg. By selling 30 good trays of eggs (29 good + 1 bad egg), he makes money from 1 bad tray of egg. On top of that, he also makes money from the 30 good eggs he had taken out from each of the 30 trays that were replaced with rotten eggs.

Misti tipu kah?? Okay, he wants to explain. Explain how one super bad rotten egg can be amongst one good tray of eggs. And yes, usually one bad egg only. And I dare say I got one bad egg in every tray. If not.. definitely in every 2 trays, sure got one bad smelly rotten egg. 

This does not happen when I buy from eggs from the supermarkets. Very very seldom. Almost...... never?? Of course the suppliers wouldn't dare risk their reputation.

Arrggghh.... those rotten eggs.. yucks! Oh yes, I used to rent stalls and sell nasi lemak, spaghetti, laksa penang, chicken potato pies.. Hee hee.. Carik makan... :)


Miss Laila said...

bukan buruk telor only, buruk sales man!

elcynthia 엘신티아 said...

bad eggs are bad but that egg photo of your above with XX on it was cute :). btw, never came across with a super rotten egg. hope i will never do in the future unless i purposely left in on the counter to see how bad it will turn out :P.

Mia's Mom said...

Salam Ida! :-D

At first I thought this entry is about Easter or something. Hmmm.... you may be right!

Once when I quit working, I was thinking of selling nasi lemak & mee & kuih. But my hubby was against it. My highest level of respect to you, Dear! You are one tough Mommy!

Kal Jis said...

oh mena kah ktk berjual? masih kah? di siney??

DrSam said...

nowadays my wife stop buying that type of egg (loose egg tray) because she had the same experience many-many times before.

Once she ruined the whole dish in her cooking pan when she cracked a rotten egg straight to the pan.

Ida Athanazir said...

Laila.. memang. Betul kata u!

Ely.. don't think you would want to crack it open and see what's inside . yucksss!

Mia's mom.. thanx mommy! cuba cuba bisnes. Well, dont say i never try, right?

K.Jis.. nei ada agik kinek tok. dolok few years ago ya.

Doc.. yup, that's y now when i bake my cakes, i would crack the eggs open in a separate bowl first. Die ho if spoil a whole batter!!

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