Thursday, March 11, 2010

B for Butterfly

I guess Ayu's students would feel totally relieved having her teaching them Add Maths tonight because she scores A in her favorite subject.. SPM result was out today. Yes, again.. I am a very proud mom to my Ayu. She didn't really hit the target but a few As are more than enough for me! I didn't score close.. or even half that good. Congratulations Ayu sayang!!

While waiting for her result and during the next few weeks, Ayu is teaching her fellow Juniors Add Maths & Modern Maths. 'Cikgu Ayu' .. I would tease her :))

A mother's pride and joy are her children. Since they came into the world to the time they graduate, we mothers have been there throughout the challenging but exciting days of their lives. We as parents just want to see them grow to become good citizens and humble people................... but all that was taken away from Kelly's mom. Kelly was Arman's classmate, she passed away last week after being admitted in the hospital when she drowned in a pool. 

Arman came home that Monday and said.. "Mama, my friend Xuan has gone to heaven. She's not in pain anymore and she is a angel." I was like.. what is this kid talking about. And I kept asking him what he meant. He said his friend went up there already to meet Jesus and she is doing fine.

I contacted his teacher (Selina) straight away and asked her whether what Arman was telling me was true. She confirmed Arman's story.. I was about to cry and had to hold it in. If I started to cry, I wouldn't be able to stop. Even Arman didn't seem sad, Selina did a really good job telling her students that one of their friends will not ever be coming back to school. I'd break down if I was in her place, I guess she just had to be very very tough when she had to tell them all.

Selina, 3rd from left in black shirt

Arman (seated 3rd from left) 
sits next to Kelly (3rd from right)

Arman and her classmates received this book from Kelly's parents yesterday... It was Kelly's favorite book and on the day she drowned, she drew the butterfly and had asked her parents to keep it nicely for her. I'm so touched and really really had to hold my tears when Arman asked me to read the book to him last night.

Kelly's parents want her friends to have the story book to remember her. I definitely will not forget her, though I've never met the little princess. Selina, the school's headmistress (I've known Selina for 14 years, all my children ever since Ayu, went & goes to her school) said that few days after the funeral, a big Black & Yellow butterfly came by to 'visit' while Arman and his classmates were having dance lesson.. it flew around awhile then just disappeared. Selina said to her students, Kelly is an angel now.. she's fine.

signed "with love Kelly Sia Jia Xuan"

note says - 'Xuan drew this butterfly on Fri 26th Feb 2010'

The last thing she drew was this butterfly, similar to the one in her favorite book, Princess Buttercup. It was pasted on the last page of the story book. They called her a 'chatterbox'. But during her last few days, she was very quiet Selina said, like she was dreaming most of the time. "Kelly honey, may you rest in peace..."


CoKeLaT-RaWkZ said...

I was crying when reading this, such well written. She's a lil angel and will always fondly remembered by her loved ones. To Arman,aunty harap Arman dan kawan2 Arman sabar.

Gina said...

:'( kesian mama nya

Anonymous said...

What a sad story sis. Yes, she is a beautiful butterfly

Anonymous said...

so sorry for her lost... and i was crying when reading this..

nini said...

owhh. Cannot help but cry cry cry.

MISS said...


Felicia F. Ramzi said...

:( i could not imagine her mother's grief losing her daughter. :( hopefully she'll stay strong. the father too.

*actually came by to tell u ada award for you sis..if u've the time, do come and visit my blog. take care

Ida Athanazir said...

thanx all.

Anonymous said...
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