Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sexy Working Hubby

Alright, honestly.. I'm tired. But I have this snippet to write and been delaying it. I just have to get it out of my system!!

Sexy.. hee heee... We are still in the subject of sexy, aren't we?? Well, scroll down you guys .................. What turns you on? My hubby turns me on, of course! Who else??! What else?!! You may think it's funny but what truly turns me on is when he's busy and seriously doing his work, be it on the computer or doing some paperwork.. writing. Yeah! Specially when he's writing things with a serious face and looking like he's thinking a lot!! Huhhhhh... ! I like. LOL!!

he's not working here... just pointing at menus at a diner. love the way he holds the pen!!

I think it's his arms and his strong hands and his intelligence.. All that into one ........ Viola!! SeXyyyyy ...  Whenever he's busy with work (at home), I would stare till he catches my eyes and I would just give a silly smile. He knows I'm staring and sometimes trying to ignore it but he would giggle whenever he looks at me. Half the time I would distract him till he can't stand it but other times.. I just let him do his work. And that makes me more gerammm!! 

Sexy to me isn't just looking hot or knowing how to work it (the look). Intelligence is very very sexy, sensitivity and also modesty. It is really just up to each individual. And you should only have that feeling towards your partner, only then your relationship will work out. But then again, sex isn't everything in a relationship. Understanding, passionate, caring, considerate, good communication and patience ... very important.

Haaaa... out of my system already, so relieved. Laundry time and then sleep. Good night!


f.i.e.z.a said...

sexy to me is when a guy..

***makey baju keja taris2 pasya sleeves nya belipat kemas.mmpphhh!

***makey ju melayu siap bersongkok.


f.loren said...

workaholic guys are sexy.

tapi gik frust tok. ahhhhhhhhhhhh! anyway kak ida you have a great family :)

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said... definition of sexy. Boleh masuk ke kamus Oxford.

Jay Ismail said...

should compile all of ur words here and buat buku.." relationships 101"

nc said...

..u have just given a sexy idea :)

Ida Athanazir said...

Fieza, pecah rahsia. Kelak ur next date sure pakei baju melayu to melt u! hee hee

Farah, yup, guys yg palak nya kurang pikir pasal dirikpun. Paling sik best the ones yg suka nanggar dirik dlm cermin ... ewwwww. Turn off abis.

Willie, boleh! U coba register for me?? LOL

Jay, thanx. Buat buku??

Nc, that's what I want to get it out there. More ideas for sexiness.

DrSam said...

Yes, sexy doesn't necessarily comes from physical appearances alone, even that can be one of the contributing factors.

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