Friday, February 12, 2010

Emergency Underwear

Driving today all I hear was the Valentine's celebration.. how to celebrate, where to eat, what to do, what to give, what to say... And 'Valentine's Should Be Celebrated Everyday'... da da da da da da.... Well, we have love everyday, we feel love everyday. Valentine's Day is also like Mother's Day .. yeah, everyday IS special. But on this one particular day it is a chance for one to show his/her love. When you show it on Valentine's day, it truly shows that you are aware of this special person and this person is really gonna appreciate your effort. Not like.. 'What??? Valentine's day today kah...?'    Or ....... 'Oh!! I forgot all about Valentine's day.'

Not so much about following, or rather practicing tradition or people do it and you do it too... Just about being aware of the day where you show that person he/she IS THE ONE.

And of course comes the romantic and sexy subject.. Tonight on E! they were doing a shopping-with-the-playmate. Hmmm... in hot lingerie and all.. Wow!! But. But... The sexiest, for me was the little T with shorts. Simple, easy yet very sexy. No wire, no strap and covers most of my stretch marks!!

Talking bout sexy lingerie. Yeah, I am gonna elaborate about underwear... Excuse me. 

When getting dressed everyday, first thing after a shower and drying off, you'd go through your underwear drawer and just dig and dig and look for that skin colored or black or red or beaded or laced or polka dot or g-string or Brazilian cut or boxer cut undies.

Most of the times that little reminder in my head would whisper .. "Now, better skip that ripped or uncool underwear. What if there's an emergency and they have to take you inside the ER..?? You'll be stripped naked and you DO NOT want the cute doctors to stumble upon a 10 year old looking underwear, do you???! Worse if they're holes here and there." Hee hee.. well, just in case. It's embarrassing enough that your report says that you fell inside the monsoon drain trying to make a short cut crossing.

Just a reminder dear.. Remember to always be prepared. Yeap...! It applies to underwear as well. 

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