Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Women Who Turn Men On ... and Off

Naturally, men are attracted to attractive women.. Attractive means sexy, beautiful, glamorous, elegant, sophisticated, down to earth plus with a very very warm smile and looking so so good!! Very important the smile you know... Pretty face with a sour impression is not pretty. It's UGLY baby! Not-so-pretty-face if accompanies with the most sincere and warmest smile makes a beautiful person. Whenever they glance at you or you just happen to turn and meet their eyes,  a smile is always ready to greet you. That makes a person beautiful.

It is not just the facial expression, how you dress is also very important. Personally, I think sexy doesn't mean a lot of skin, not to me at least. Yes, skin do turn heads, and yes... skin spells sexy. But women in jeans with simple top look very sexy and men think this look is very very attractive. 

I totally love this look! Blazers/Jackets with jeans, so cool .... so simple, comfortable and sexy. And I just can't get enough of white tops. Sayang once said to me, "I think you have enough of the white shirts already." Don't know why, I just love wearing whites. Maybe they make me feel ... productive and clean.

You can dress it up, like above ...
or you can dress it down, below ...

Women Who Turn Men Off :-

1. Wearing too much make up (like sekilo pupur/bedak)

Make up isn't suppose to overshadow you, it is suppose to highlight and accentuate your best features. Always remember, less is more. Too much, you'd be looking like a clown. And clowns aren't really a turn on, unless ... ehemmm... OKAY!!

2. Talking too much about herself

Especially when you're on a date with a great guy, he DO NOT want to hear too much about yourself... your x-bf, your giant paycheck, your yoyo weight loss/gain, etc. A bit okay, ya? But not too much. He'd love it if you listen and if the both of you listen to one another, wahhh... that's the best! But giving too much advice can also turn men off. Not that hard la... Relax, be yourself (daaaa...) and don't talk TOO much and listen more.

3. Gossiping and talk bad bout others

This one everyone knows, MENGUMPAT, badmouthing ... need I say more? Come on, what are you trying to do?? You're trying to impress the guy, this is such a negative attitude which is a MAJOR turn off.

4. Being late, all the time

Once, twice ... maybe acceptable. 'Let' him wait?? Why?! Being punctual is totally sexy, totally!! Do not want to be labeled 'Typical' now, do we??

"OHhhhh.. can't help it... I am just always late, it's just ..... ME." 

If he stops replying to your text, don't ask why. Being late is being ignorant of another person's valuable time and money! It is worse when you just let him wait and didn't bother to call/text saying you'd be late or whatever. Turn off...

5. Overdone hair

Girls, men don't really like the salon-made-hair-look. You know?? That hair that looks like you just stepped out of a salon...?? They belong on a mannequin and a bride. You can go to the salon and get your hair done but make sure it looks natural. Natural and clean. Ringlets with too much product is scary!! 

Talking bout clean, there is nothing worse than smelly hair (like it had not been washed for a week!) and dandruff infested scalp!! If you have dandruff, skip the dark top darling.

6. Worrying too much about your appearance

"Do I look fat in this .. Does the jeans make me look big??" He asked you out on a date, didn't he? Isn't that enough? So, I guess he does not really care how big or fat you look. Clearly he likes 'YOU". Never ask potential boyfriend this question.. Meaninggg..... You can ask the question only to your husband-to-be or your husband!

7. Picking a fight

Being stubborn leads to fights and misunderstandings. Discuss and say nicely, very very nicely. Anger is a real Turn Off! Personally, for me, if I'm angry, I get turned off. Don't even think you'll get lucky tonight.

8. Trying to make him feel jealous

Haha... this one is a big turn off to men. You think you want to win them over, but dia orang tak heran lah!! And of course being overly jealous is childish and unreasonable.

9. Being clingy and over manja

Can... being manja manja and being all cutey and babyish is okay. But don't do it too much and not all the time and not IN PUBLIC!! It is embarrassing and it is a tahap dewa turn off. 

10. Hairy armpits

I honestly do not know what men is turned on by this >Big Don't<. 

11. Bad manners with harsh/weird language

Feet on the table, rude towards the waitress and cursing like it's your second language. And for the Malay community, I think the 'melatah' thing is a huge turn off. I met girls as young as 18 and they 'melatah'! Even worse! They repeat their own words??!!! I pity them, men think it's ridiculous dear.

12. Cannot cook

Ehemm.. Helo, you are a woman. A woman must know how to cook. That is how the world is. "Well.. what can I do?? I don't cook." Huh, convenient. Automatic turn off mama! It's not that you don't know how to cook, anyone can learn how to cook and learns more as they go along. Just that you are L.A.Z.Y.. Lazy is a super turn off.

13. Ugly underwear

LOL! Girls, please spend a little bit extra for some cute underwears, please..! Think Victoria Secret but affordable laa.. Got.....! You just gotta go look harder, sure can afford one.

14. Wearing attention seeking clothes

Hmmmm... I am no expert on clothings. But you can ask men. Most of them think sexy/lots of skin is okay, but there're limitations. You've got to know the occasion and what type of crowd you're gonna be with. You don't wear bikinis to a birthday parties, do you?? Something like that laa... 

15. Doesn't take care of herself

Bad breath, looking dirty ... You know I know lah. This applies to wives especially. Yes, he is yours, does not mean you take things for granted. I want my husband to still think of me very desirable and sexy (though we've been married for 18 years already). If you look a mess, he will look elsewhere.

thank you all for your kind attention! :)

"Love at first sight" is a physical and emotional impossibility. Why? Because love is much more than a romantic feeling. It is more than a sexual attraction or the thrill of the chase or a desire to marry someone. These are responses that can occur "at first sight," and they might even lead to the genuine thing in time. But those feelings are usually very temporary, and they do not mean the person who experiences them is "in love." 

The primary difference between infatuation and real love is where the emphasis lies. Temporary romantic attractions tend to be very selfish in nature. A person may say, "I can't believe what is happening to me. This is the most fantastic thing I've ever experienced! I must be in love." Notice that she's not talking about the other person. She's excited about her own gratification. Such an individual hasn't fallen in love with someone else; she has fallen in love with love!
Genuine love, by contrast, is an expression of the deepest appreciation for another human being. It is an intense awareness of his or her needs and strengths and character. It shares the longings, hopes, and dreams of that other person. It is unselfish, giving, and caring. And believe it, these are not attitudes one "falls into" at first sight, as though one were tumbling into a ditch.


Asma Cullen said...

kak... kmk suka nangga Jen Aniston sia... kacak... kmk nang pebret nya dr mek hi skool sampei nektok... skrg brangelina da split... wut goes around will come around...

Asma Cullen said...

oopsss... mek suka tips2 ktk...

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Very true. I dislike women who put on too much make up and have hairy armpits.

Felicia F. Ramzi said...

Thanks Sis.. great tips..:)
for me, mun makey less clothes, akan menarik perhatian jangka pendek one will remember u after that. BUT, mun dress up elegantly, orang nang gerenti akan ingat sebab di anggap pandey mbak dirik and sik nampak trying too much..good no?

Anonymous said...

good advice awal awal pagi :)

Globalized Dayung said...

Oh aku suka fashion baju ya....Fall sik lama gi so ku mok beli jaket & jean baru GAP!!! Baju putih of course. Fav aku jua ba

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