Sunday, January 3, 2010

Need A Break

Resolution? For New Year? Be better in everything ... Want more, more, more. Isn't that what we all always wish for? Better pay, better income, more money, easier job with good pay. Haha... always tell my kids & friends, there are no shortcut to anything better in life. There is no easy job, the better the pay, the bigger the responsibilities. That sure comes with greater stress. Stress... not just any stress. That overwhelming tensions make your brain go Ga Ga ...!

I've not really taken a break yet, I sure need one and I really want one. But before that, I must clear the mess around me first. My house is like 'tongkang pecah'! Target for the day is to clean up the messiness. Oh my god, toys, clothes, magazines, toys, paper bags (with whatever in them) ... I was really really busy and couldn't get to do routine cleaning and clearing, consistently. Luckily sayang never complains. And the kids are very 'supportive' too. As long they can find clean clothes to wear, no problem. Of course the only routine I wouldn't leave undone is the laundry. Today is my day off but I do have work stuffs on my mind. Aiyaaa.... 

* searching for photos *

Can't find any related photos .... this will do. Happy Sunday!

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