Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Moving On ..

Feel like some meat this morning. Trying to chill, before the big moment, in few hours. Won't be easy but must get it done. 

Meat.. eggs (forgot to buy them last weekend) ... Bread, abis dah. I fried some chicken nuggets and having them for breakfast now. Will have to get ready soon, work work work! I honestly don't know what her reaction is gonna be, I just wanna get it done and over with. So nerve wrecking!!

At this time, no one is gonna be there to assist me, no committee members nor assistants. This one's you're on your own babe! Just me and her ... Ouch!! Memang takut, how not takut lorr.. You know that people have hope and expectations, knowing that they gonna have to find replacement to keep the things going is making you feel a bit guilty. 

But I've got to do this for myself and specially for my family. If I can get more, why should I turn it down? The day has finally come for me to move on and go forward. 


Mama Mia said...

you got a new job offer is it? all the best to you :)

DrSam said...

Yes madam. Jangan pandang belakang. Wishing you all the best and the new pasture is much-much greener.

Ida Athanazir said...

I thank you so much to the both of you for the warm wishes!! :))

It is hard to leave the ones you do care about, but I have to make changes for my own good. And most of all for my family.

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