Sunday, January 17, 2010

Perfect Sunday

have been eating like what lately! My pants are tightening... looks like I will have to stop that eat-anything-I-want attitude. Do not want to have to go shopping for new pairs of pants now do we? For next couple of months my extra cash is for the-gorgeous-pair I've been wanting for quite a while. 

D perfect day for me is definitely having everyone home and cook lunch/dinner for us all. It does not need to be complicated dishes ... What's important is it's home cooked, simple, yummy and healthy!! (well.. not that healthy.. the fish were deep fried.. hee hee...)

It has been a long time since I cooked. Sayang said to me last night, "Can you cook tomorrow?" I answered him with a smile, "Of course, we go to the supermarket laaa.."

All I needed was garlic, small red onion and the meat/veges.

The fish were gorgeous and delicious and pricey!!! The 3 pieces (big) cost me RM21.00! I love fish and so do abang and the kids. I wouldn't mind spending slightly extra for good fish pieces... Then there's the tauge and chicken fillets.

To make the buttered/cream chicken, you need to deep fry the chicken fillets dipped with flour first, set aside and get the curry leaves, garlics and evaporated milk ready. Without the curry leaves, I would just rather make ayam kicap. It's amazing what the curry leaves do for the recipe, so aromatic and tasty!

curry leaves, deep fried chicken fillets, blanched broccoli florets and the essential garlics and red onions. 

what is fresh fried fish without the cecah kicap with chili and lime juice??

sayang saw some guy biting into the crispy lettuce on a cooking channel, so I got him a big ball, to be served with thousand island dressing

the creamy buttered chicken, ready to eat

lunch is served!

Kids fed, sayang kenyang and happy.. I'm relieved! Nothing compares to home cooked meal. And we are in no hurry on this lovely Sunday evening. Usually abang would be busy doing his packing, getting ready to go back to Sibu. He'll be traveling to K.L. this week so sayang stays in Kuching tonight :))

A lot of changes will happen in February, good changes, for both me & sayang. Though it is good, I am a little bit nervous and scared. Changes scare me. You don't know what's coming your way but greater expectations makes you go a bit ga-ga, I guess. Like being married for the first time, I suppose. The first night together is nerve wrecking, first time sleeping together.......  whooopssyyy, where am I going here..?? We were talking about what ah??

Well, the thing that I look forward to the most is, sayang being in Kuching. And I think we can even do a JV!! That'd be exciting, I wonder how it's like working with your husband, but both of us represents two totally different organizations. Wouldn't that be cute??! haa... haa ... We'll see...

After a hearty meal, me and sayang went to Spring. I need a new pair of sandals/shoes. The ones I'm wearing above are literally falling apart. It's only a matter of time that I'm gonna embarrass myself wearing a pair of slippers with the strap ripped off from the sole. Guess what?! I did't get the much needed new pair of shoes. We ended buy few tops for ourselves, including the ones we're wearing above.

Whenever I'm moving on to a new work place, I would get myself some new stuffs. Shoes, shirts, underwear ... whatever. But of course, these are pretty inexpensive clothes!! Very very affordable and worth every penny spent. 

When we got back home Arman was already sleeping.. sleeping in his new MU's jersey with the mini soccer ball. Yup!! He's an MU fan, like his dad and his mom!!  :)) Good night Man sayang.

Time to get things ready for work and school tomorrow ... later dudes!


Anonymous said...

Taugeh, simple but delicious and nutritious

f.i.e.z.a said...

i love butter chicken!

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