Monday, January 25, 2010

Future Heirlooms

I love my things, I love everything that I own. Everybody does. I'm not the type who likes to lend clothes to other people, because I sayang my clothes. I have items as old as 20 years old which I really love and treasure.

Seri was going to a Tahlil at her friend's house the other night and she needed a tudong/selendang. I gave her my gray beaded tudong to wear. When she came back home, she told me people were commenting on the tudong, how beautiful it is. Then she told everyone it's her mom's and it is 20 years old.

Yes.. That is my 20 year old tudong, my mother-in-law (not my mom in law then... ) gave it to me when I was 17. I told her I like the color Gray and she got me the material and I sew on the beads my self.

And that hair accessory is also 20 years old! Sayang got it for me when we were in KL in 1990  and I saw this Evita Peroni hair accessories and fell in love with it the moment I saw it. It cost sayang RM18.50 (heeeheeee.. I still remember). We were at The Metrojaya that time if I'm not mistaken. Yup...! Still in good condition. And nowadays my children are wearing the two items, among others.

I wrote before, I am a keeper, a very very good keeper :)) One day they will become heirlooms. Hmmm... that would be something. It's not that hard to keep them, usually people lose their prized possessions when moving house. Do not keep them in the-not-wearing-items-boxes. Keep them together with the things you wear everyday and keep 'checking' on them whenever you remember them.. that way, you will always remember where you keep and you wouldn't lose them. I know, it is easier said than done. 

You've just got to work at it and try harder. If you love them enough, you will remember to check on them from time to time. Just to make sure they are still there for your children to wear in the future.

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Mis said...

Ada lagik sik jual kelip ya?

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