Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Borneo Bodoh Lagi

"... tp perempuan Sarawak kebykkannya slut and bitch. dh la kampung, hutan plak tu. benci ak... "

Oh dear god... Have you gone stupid or donkey?? You do not post insensitive statements online, bodoh! Yes bodoh! I am talking to you!!

Sik cukup kah? I really do not know what to say. People, read up there, Borneo Love. We Borneo people are full of love and respect for one another.. you should follow suit. Learn.. learn... Want to be bad? Not online lah.. aiyo aiyo aiyoyoyoyo!! B.O.D.O.H..

So embarrassing ... can you sleep at night?? Hani orrr... whoever you are. Slut, bitch.. a lot of those kind in this world of ours. Kampung, hutan .. Ha haa.. what she said actually tickles me. LOL. Funny because she's stupid for making that kind of statement on FB and I 'envy' her for  having a 'Fan' page. So famous lah her... keh keh keh..

Maybe when she put up that statement she didn't realize that people can R.E.A.D...?? What was she thinking?? Angry? Okay... but Not OnLine dear!! NEVER. This is no donkey, she's a turkey.

She's Done. 


Anonymous said...

duh..sapa org ya tek..

Anonymous said...

Thanks God, I'm a Sarawakian. Originally Sarawakian. :D

Anonymous said...

Apa yang difikir sebelum menulis?

Felicia F. Ramzi said...

She is totally done. You should have seen group yang dicreate hating her in hours reach up to 7k fans.. statement yang sungguh beran mat..

Ida Athanazir said...

Dino.. she's A NOBODY

DCatZilla... same here. Proud to be one!!

Felicia.. I saw the group. Then it was brought down but orang dah puas kutuk nya!!

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