Sunday, December 13, 2009

Stuffed Diary

stuffs in my Lim Kok Wing 'handbag' ... belom semua ya, 
scroll dowwwnnnn ..

This month is the busiest I've ever been. When I try to look at the whole thing, my mind just goes blank ... so, I'll just have to do one at a time and still trying to do everything and not forgetting important little details.

My blog have been neglected for the past few days, so today I am updating my activities during the week. Guess this is like a little diary lah, not for a complete whole week, just half the week.

Before we go there, I would just like to share with you all one of the 'things to do list' that I have been delaying ~ 

No.23 in the list- Clear HandBag

As you can see, very clearly, the junks (which I need) that I carry everywhere with me. I am sure some (well... most) of you women out there have more stuffs that you stuffed inside your carry-all. For Your Kind Info, I have another back pack in the car. You do not want to see what I have in there.

Let's see....
~Hudson's Jujub (I don't usually have sweets or mints in my bag. This one I bought last month when I had the sour throat)
~Wallet, Sunglasses, Vitamins, Celotape, Meal Card, Notebooks, the reliable Nokia, BBerry, post-shopping Plastic Bags, Paperwork (in the transparent plastic), Bank Slips, Hair Band, Hair Clips (must haves), Black Permanent Marker, Thumb Drive
~Black Pouch- I have my lipstick, stationaries, compact mirror, tissues, notebooks in here
~Helo Bag- strictly specially for wallet & phones (easy access and for grab & go!)


Thursday Night ~

After work on Thursday, sayang went for a little shopping. He needs new pants he said, "Well, dah long over due sayang." I said to him. We went to Spring Parkson Grand and sayang tried on a few shirts and pants. I went inside the fittting room with him and took a photo with my hyperactive Arman

Favorite snap shots place- The Fitting Room!!

Outside, I took a few shots with Hani & Arman. Well, sayang had to try on a few shirts, we got bored so started playing with our camera phones. I am still in my Kurungs (from work), did not get the chance to change, usually I don't if we are planning to go somewhere after office hour. If I change to 'more comfortable clothing', I'd be piling up laundries, what for?! 

"Arman, you've got to move over to the left a bit... 
Mama wants to show off the HELO bag"

Of course, why would we want to spend so much if we can really save up to 50%!! Knowing me, spending more than RM100 for one baju is such a waste, unless it is a super branded baju lah, I think.

Friday Lunch ~

the gorgeous Christmas Tree at Spring

look at the super jumbo size drink!!

Colleague Evelyn is transferring to Miri, boss belanja everyone lunch at Gasoline, situated at the same level as MBO @ Spring.

I had the Black Pepper Butter Fish & Chips, the sauce was very tasty and delicious. I would prefer it if they used fresh/frozen fish.

Gonna miss Evelyn ... She's still with the company and she will come back to the Kuching office from time to time. Evelyn is a good friend, it wouldn't be the same without her around.

Saturday Afternoon ~

At 7 am, sayang drove us to Sri Aman and reached there at around 10.30am. I was there for work and we brought along Seri, Hani & Arman. On our back to Kuching in the afternoon, we passed 2 wrecked cars; 1 car at the road side and a pick up in the ditch. It's been raining on a off since morning and I was sleeping halfway back to Kuching, so, sayang did not get much nagging from me for driving too fast or too close. That is why just had to ask him to drive me, he would never let me drive out-station by myself.

Saturday Night ~

We were both tired from the long drive that day, but I just wanted to take a bit of time to enjoy live music and chill... We went to The Cottage at 10:30 pm and my sister was also there with her girlfriends. I snapped a photo of sayang with my sis & her friends!! Gorgeous aren't they??

I would love to go there again, and it is much more fun with girlfriends around. But I wouldn't go just with the girls, sayang must come along. He would just sit there and watch me dance with my sis (like he did last night). He prefers to watch .... ;))


SJ said...

tat's a nice blue christmas tree

A smile from SJ =)

Anonymous said...

yes, the tree is very pretty

The Fleece Master said...

cottage is cool and sik havoc. sik rami nemiak. used to lepak there frequently last time and the crowd are mature type. sik tauk la kinek tok. hectic week u had, now steam down ok. =))

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Hehe...busy eh. But your life is full of eventful activities.

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