Sunday, December 6, 2009

Simple Stylish Shades

This Model I Bought Is From One Of The 
FAST & FURIOUS Collections

Tomorrow's Monday, must get all geared up for work. Get good sleep, don't leave home that thumb drive .... shirt ironed? Hmm... better check, do not want to be late, do we?

One of the things that I would not leave home without are my Ray-Ban shades. These are my 5th pair, throughout the yearsss. Two were broken by my toddlers and the other two were in my Waja. Yes, the shades hilang sekali with the car. When I realized the car went missing, I was thinking ... "My Ray-bans ..."

Being behind the wheel (and under the sun) most of the time I sure need a very reliable pair of sunglasses. Of course the person who introduced me to the brand is tidak lain dan tidak bukan ... you guessed right, my hubby. 

Those other branded shades aren't for me baby!! Don't know why but ever since I got my first pair, I have eyes only for Ray-ban ... chewah!! Sombong yah! And those bling bling designs with the big branded logos ..? Umm... I prefer Ray-Ban's simple designs. They are just comfortable and super high quality shades. I am not talking bout the design, the shades are also wearable indoor. Can still see through them and go grocery shopping inside the supermarket. And yes, they are so stylish wearing them make you feel ... UP !! heee hee.. that's how my kids put it.
cheh ! cheh ! posing sakan ...!! :))

How much? Whow baby! Not cheap I can tell you that. Some pairs even cost as much as over RM900.00 per piece (shrieked...!!). So, I better take good care of these little prized possession of mine. What are you waiting for?? Go pick the ones that match your lifestyle! Or that match your $$$ :))


The Fleece Master said...

im a ray bans guy myself. thankgoodness the price is away cheaper here and more choices.

SJ said...

nice n expen but worth it

A smile from SJ =)

Anonymous said...

yo! memang stylo

Ida Athanazir said...

F Master, hmmm... maybe boleh pesan from here?? hee hee..

SJ, worth every penny!

style abisss.

nona said...

I like big sunglasses. They are cantek and sangat bergaya :)

DrSam said...

You are very lucky madam. You are hooked to two brilliant things - you hubby and a rayban.

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