Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Kitchen Aid

Oh yes!! I so want one of these! Expensivvveeee   .... (sampei leleh aik lior madah word expensive ya... LOL). 

You just tekan and it spins like a pro. Memang pro pun. Aisehh man, truly hebat this thing. And effortless and hands free!! Scrapping the sides is so little to do as the mixing covers the whole bowl. I'm a mommy and a wife, to own the KitchenAid is like adding a Prada to your wardrobe. Yup, Prada in the wardrobe, KitchenAid in the kitchen, Creme de la Mer on the night stand ... wahhhh ... Keep on dreamin' baby, it shall come true (mind set! mind set!).

Nigella is using it and her unit matches her kitchen!! I couldn't find her photo using the KitchenAid (well, maybe I did not try looking hard enough) but if you noticed in her show, her kitchen is built mostly in stainless steel. Gorgeous kitchen, and gorgeous gorgeous Nigella.

KeH KeH KeH ... What am i thinking??! Even the kitchen isn't mine (it's my mother-in-law's). Trying to match photos with D Nigella ?? I tried, okay. Kah Kah kah... :))

I'd like a new kitchen sayang. *that's a message for my hubby*. And maybe something like Nigella's, with the KitchenAid, see through glass doors, with lots of light coming in ... I don't need a big kitchen. I want a kitchen that is comfortable to cook in, easy access to tools, easy to clean (definitely easier with a stainless steel counter top), with a computer attached to the fridge!! Haaa haaa.. I was told they do have something like that in the market. 

When will it be ... ??  *soon baby .. soon*


f.i.e.z.a said...

nang mahal ya sis.kmk ada ngga cgek camya beribu juak rega.hoho..
mudahan one day ktk dapat juak lak.amin :)

SJ said...

your food must be yummy

A smile from SJ =)

Ida Athanazir said...

Fieza, mek ngamin jak.. InsyaAllah. mahal but berbaloi!

SJ, yummy and smiley :))

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