Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lazy Sunday Remedy

Feel so lazy today. I have not bathed yet, yeah, believe it! Some of you I guess bath late also on Sunday bah ...! No??! Let me be lazy once in a while lah, browse the net and visit You-Tube... I am so wasting a lot of time and I do feel like I want to go back to sleep.

Really, I am so out of touch with the entertaining world, my job is to organize contests/events to entertain, but I don't have time enough for my own entertaining. Don't believe me?? Full Moon, New Moon, Half Moon .. whatever you call it. That movie is so hot now I do not even know it is a sequel to Twilight. And I didn't even get to finish watching Twilight. I would embarrass my kids for being so left behind. Can't remember the last (latest) movie I watched.

Yeah, I have been so busy lately, really really busy. Tomorrow continue busy lagi dah... OMG!! So much to update and I'm chasing time and I do not have a lot of time. Do Not Have Enough Time. No one can help me, I have to do it myself. I wish I could postpone that event, I wish.. I WISH!! HELP!! I need help .. oh dear : /

We'll see lah, someone told me just hantam! Go ahead with it. Cannot just hantam, aiya ... !! Most people can't wait for the end of the month to come nearer .. For me, I want to stop time and do not want the days to pass by too fast. So fast when you have dateline, feels like the dates are chasing after you.

That is why on days like this (sundays & off days), what I like to do is chill. Really really chill.

There might be some more changes in lives, good changes. See lah .. how it goes. Have to change for the better. For better money!! I'm as a parent only wants the best for my children, higher institution isn't cheap honey!! You gotta move your cheese, agree?? I call this 'rezeki for the kids'. Mom & dad must be really praying hard for us all ... murahkan rezeki, semoga sihat selalu, berjaya untuk masa hadapan ... Like it's falling on our lap.

The other week darling hubby was in a difficult situation, physically. Wanted to contact mom and dad but couldn't get through. Really needed their prayers ... then as if they sort of knew we needed a remedy right then. My sister in law came and handed me a 500ml of Zam Zam water. Mom couriered it all the way from Mecca, for Ayu actually (she's still sitting for her SPM). Sayang took few table spoons for few days and alhamdulillah, he feels much better today. Better watch your back in the future.

Remedy for lazy Sunday??? ... Cold shower ...!!! yeahhh!!!

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