Thursday, December 31, 2009

Exciting Exit

My girls, Seri, Hani & Ayu

Few more hours we are leaving 2009 behind ... heee heeee .. so cheesy of me. I have not been blogging for 2 weeks. Been crazy busy, now I really know what crazy busy means. Lunch ... no time, lunch becomes LUNNER (lunch & dinner). Like today, I had nasi lemak at 9 am, with coffee, one cup of plain water at 2 pm then dinner at 7 pm with iced lemon tea. And today's not as bad as last week.

My only boy, Arman

Last week was my busiest ever.. Can't even describe it, I just couldn't wait for Monday (28th) to come, that was when everything was over. Not exactly over, had to do the year end stock thing and clearing the 27th's matters. Coupons, cash, bank in slips and the warehouse. God! Everything was a mess but thank god for my 3 very reliable staffs, hopefully they counted everything correctly. My own assistant is enjoying her annual-leave this week.. Me?? Where got time to take leave??! Was planning to have a day off today... mimpi lahhh ... 

Only managed to get the month's salary yesterday, didn't even realize it was already out last week. I think I was the only one who did not realize that pay day was before Christmas, I guess I was so busy with the opening, Saturday's contest and the big Sunday event. All I could think of was the preparations. Other things were all just a big blur, yeah.. believe it, including pay day!!

I discovered something quite exciting today. I was told it's 20% but actually it's 40%!! Yaaahoooooo.... but, I am a bit confused now. Will have to do a lot of thinking, discussing ... Wow, how to start?? It would definitely be shocking and that guilt feeling is there, to be honest. This is quite an exit from the 2009! All for my children, my family and myself.

Seri did so well in her PMR, I am very proud of her. Congratulations girl!! Ayu is working now, while waiting for her SPM result. She will understand how it's like to earn a living. Sayang still in Sibu... Praying that he will get IT. I'm sure his time will come, InsyaAllah. It's just a matter of time sayang, sabar...

They were telling me, "Ma, next week starts school.."

"Huh...??!"  was the only thing that came out of my mouth. School already?? Where, how, when...!! I really really lost track of dates. December definitely went by like a breeze to me, I was so busy with the event's preparations that my kids spent their school holidays just watching TV and playing with the computer. I do feel a bit guilty, sorry sayang.

A lot happened in 2009. Good, not so good ... Very very good, very very ugly incidents. Learned a lot about people, new skills, new routes (while driving). I am very very happy and grateful though. So blessed to have my husband and my great kids. May 2010 be a better year for us all, InsyaAllah. Syukur Alhamdulillah ... and Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

hepi new year

DrSam said...

Happy New year 2010. May this year will bring more happiness, love and prosperity to you and the whole family.

The Fleece Master said...

Elo Kak

Happy New Year. How time flies. You looked busier nowadays. Keep it up and keep fit! =))

you take care.

adawiah.zaini said...

Happy new Year!

p/s. believe me, your Seri looks matured & very pretty! :)))

Azmi said...

Happy New Year Kak Ida,

Apa oleh Seri tek?

hope ur New Year will be a good one k... :)

Anonymous said...

cool guitar on a cool kid

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