Saturday, December 5, 2009

Don't Marry, No Need

I love you so much I let you read my emails :)) (marryable)

Talk to the hand ... ! (unmarryable)

is there such word?? 'marryable' 


Little sister said, "I think I want to get married".

"WhATT??!" With her right hand on her chest. "You are making my chest hurts. WhY WouLD YoU WanT TO GeT MARRIED??!" The older sister added, hand still on her chest, with her forehead looking like it needed botox ... 

"WhY Not ??! Let her get married, she wants to settle down." The other sister cut in, supporting little sis's desire to marry.

"But why Do You need to get married??!" The first sister stressed still as if anxious for an answer. Not actually a question really, what she meant was 'Do Not Marry, Bad Decision'.

Little sis looking deeply puzzled and confused now ... Luckily no candidate yet, if not sure dearest boyfriend would be wondering why the sudden 'talk bout this later, I am confused to marry or not'.


Yup, not an easy decision to make. Elderlies would always ask the cepu-mas question, 'bila gik tek??' What?!?? You think kahwin kahwin ni perkara ngepok-ngepok mate? Not an easy decision to make .. unless you knocked her up lah .. ! Please ya, hold it in till you're married, pity your parents, don't drop their water face.

The decision is yours, sisters/siblings/friends will only say what they think and feel is right. Whatever they experienced thru it (the marriage), do not mean it will happen to you too (the divorce part). Not all men are bad, you just have to be sure of yourself and the partner you chose to spend your life with.


Ms Tikot said...

Yea... u're right, if not ready... better don't.Later2 hidup jadi tunggang langgang, cz of wrong decision ;-). I saw some of the example already.

Asma Cullen said...

kmk pun mcm ya... mok kawen tp asa belum perlu mun hubungan sekejap ok sekejap sik... gik pun bg kmk cinta xcukup koh... my own view lah... kmk suka kan kestabilan sbb kestabilan kunci sglanya... xperlu lah org kaya... cukuplah skdr kesenangan dn keselesaan hidup sederhana... love ur n3 kak... lega rasa...

SJ said...

yea we are the ones who make the decision

A smile from SJ =)

The Fleece Master said...

marryphobic? =))

Anonymous said...

keh keh

kahwin , tak kahwin , kahwin , tak kahwin .. pikir punya pikir umur pun dah lanjut

Ida Athanazir said...

Fleese M, funny eh!

SJ, some decisions later we discover wrongs one, we learn

Asma, if calon kaya raya, cinta kasih sayang sik cukup sik guna. eventually money dont make us happy. biar sama sama makan nasi & ikan masin, if happy, no one can separate the lovebirds

Ida Athanazir said...

M Tikot,

ya lah, nowadays byk mek jumpa couple macam ya.. mintak jaoh happen to ourselves

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