Monday, November 30, 2009

Show Me The Love!

No More Love Letters Now ... Just Click Click & Send!

How do you know for sure if 'He Is'? Does it show from his text? From his calls? From his words? And you've only met him once.. or twice, because he is in another state. Worse, he is across the Laut China Selatan! Long distance love affair la... If you even think it is LoVe.

You are hoping to get more.... Which is, his/her affection  towards you, like how you feel for him/her. Before he (let's just say you are the lady) left, he told you he likes you very much, that he would email and call and send you sms during the time the two of you are apart.

Okay guys, I am talking on behalf of women now. We women want you to show us your feelings and affections. We want to hear from you everyday, at least once. Too busy to call or text??! Aiyo, excuses la. Kalo lho sayang gue, lho sanggup buat apa aje asal saja bisa dengarin ucapan 'helo' dari gue. 

When the relationship is still at an early stage, we need you to show us your feelings, tell us you miss us (if you really do, say it only if you mean it). Email us. Story la whatever! Share your daily happenings, what you had for lunch and where you and the guys went last night. Not to report, but just to update what's happening in your life. Dropping few words, 'hi, I am so busy.. How are you today?' Next time don't even bother laa .. You want the relationship to work, then work at it! It's tough enough you don't see each other, at least stay in touch. We do wait to hear from you and it is very confusing when there're nothing. No calls, no emails ... We just want to hear from you. If you do know we are waiting, you would not make us wait.

Women are funny, when the relationship's just begun, it is so exciting getting the calls and the .. "helo, dah makan?" text. But when the two of you are 'confirm' couple, some women think too many calls & too many sms are annoying. And for guys, they even think the women start to control them. If you really like her (or love her), you don't mind the 'control'. Dah sayang, sanggup buat apa saja untuk si dia. And sanggup dibuat gini gitu.

Ladies, don't be annoyed because he actually cares. And maybe loves you. If you are annoyed by him, don't waste his time, ya? Isn't it what you want? A man who thinks of you and wonders how you are ... is this not what you've been waiting for? Then again, if the guy/woman seems psycho, that's a different story la dear. 

Long distance isn't easy, trust is usually the biggest issue. We need assurance. When we are sure of your commitment, your outing with the guys/gals shall never be the subject of our arguments.

... You will know if he really likes you. It shows.


The Fleece Master said...

Men are just like string, they are elastic. Sometime they wanna be very close and tight, and some other day just just want some space and hybernate in their own cave. And both gender's approach and handle relationship are away TOO different.

Anonymous said...

sometimes the approach are quite the same ... manusia bah

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said... pompuan punyer opinion ler kan?

Ida Athanazir said...

sama lah , some lelaki pun pkir macam tu

Anonymous said...

Good post. Keep it up.

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